Monday, December 23, 2013

Wow, What a Year!

By Rich

I've been writing for over three decades, since I delivered my first mystery story to Mrs. Courtney for a third grade project. Over that time I've had my highs and lows -- okay, mostly lows -- when it came to creative output. It wasn't until I schlepped my entire family two thousand miles west to the wonderful state of Colorado did I decide to take my writing passion into serious consideration.

This past year it finally paid off. Sure, I didn't garner the success of a Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, or Miley Cyrus, though I do have a mean twerk. Still, 2013 was the year that my writing career became first while my real job shifted into second place.

The biggest achievement was the selection of Paradise Not Quite Lost for publication by Ballot Press. Years of writing, editing, removal of crutch words, and general anxiousness paid off, and my first novel will eventually line the bookshelves of many of your homes. I mean, you are going to buy my book when it's released, correct? You're not going to wait until it comes out at the library, are you? I know where to find you if you do.

The publication of my novel wasn't the only writing achievement. I taught a workshop at the Northern Colorado Writers conference, I read at several locations in Fort Collins, and I helped grab  new and renewed memberships for said Northern Colorado Writers. In addition, I continued my stint as a nutrition columnist at Rocky Mountain Parent, wrote a few articles for Fort Collins Magazine, and began producing weekly financial blog posts for a new client. All that, and I continued to produce new short stories and columns for this very site, even during the height of the depression that overtook me this year.

You may be asking yourself, while you take a breath, what's in store for me in 2014? Well, to begin with, I need to promote the stuffing out of my first novel while I get my first self-published book ready. Yes, I'm proud to announce I'll be releasing the short story anthology Cat in a Stroller: Tales of Love, Loss, and Hand Coughing in February, just in time for you to bask in your new love or wallow in your rejection. In the late spring, my critique group hopes to debut their own fiction anthology, tentative title Fissures. Toward the summer I look to release my second self-published fiction anthology, working title of Dining with Zombies, as well as a collaborative effort with another NCW member. And if Paradise Not Quite Lost is successful, which I'm sure it will be, I'll be working on its sequel.

This doesn't include any readings, workshops teaching, or other jobs that happen to pop up. What I'm saying is, 2014 looks to be even busier than 2013, and I hope you'll stick with me as the fun continues.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Your pal,

Rich Keller

Addendum: Enjoy this little bit of sustainable holiday spirit, courtesy of my first YouTube video. Make sure you snack on your vegan gingerbread cookie and soy-based egg nog.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm betting on a wonderful 2014, Rich. Happy New Year.

Dean K Miller said...

I will follow your star in 2014. It is rising fast. Congrats, Richard and thanks for all you do/done for NCW.

Shirley Drew said...

Congratulations on your successes, Rich! What a great year!

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