Friday, December 6, 2013

6-Word Holiday Stories

Post by Kerrie. Content by many creative NCW Members. 

A few weeks ago on the NCW Google Group forum, I gave my members this prompt:  Hemmingway made the six-word story famous with his poignant prose: "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." Now it is your turn. Write a six word story that relates to one of the upcoming holidays and post it here. 

Here are the wonderful results of that prompt:

Gordon MacKinney: Christmas to-do list: burn all lists 

 Rich Keller: Rudolph murders Santa via lighted nose. 

 Chris Nugent: Chloroform, duct tape, shovel, alibi. 

 Jerry Eckert: Goggle. Gobble. Gobble. Gobble. Gob...Whack. 

 Gordon MacKinney: Black Friday, White Christmas, Green Season 

 Maggie Goins: Christmas is coming. Shop, wrap, repeat.

 Carol VanNatta: Rescued kitten purrs. Best present ever! 

 Jerry Eckert: Family gone. Friends away. Tiny Turkey. 

 Dave: There's time we light up memories. 

 Sarah Reichert: The fruitcake was laced with arsenic. 

 Ruth Shilling: Avoid Christmas music at all costs. 

 Dina Baird: Pie. Moth to a flame. Zap! 

 Peter Hall: Hanukkah.Menorah.Eight Days. Miracles. Shalom!

Do you have a 6-word Holiday Story you want to share?

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