Friday, November 8, 2013

Writing Vows

By Maggie

I`m not usually an explanation point kind of writer, but I can`t find the words to tell you how excited I am about the Northern Colorado Writers Retreat!! This retreat is different for me because I realize I`m different. I won`t carry on about the various dark nights of my soul in the past year, which actually have been more dim than dark. What I`ve discovered is this is the time: the time for me to write or get off the keyboard. This weekend is the test I need to take: Is my writing a true joy and need in my day to day life? Or have I tried as hard as I could and gotten way discouraged so many times in the past 13 years that now I`m ready to stop chasing rainbows?

My novel in progress is women`s fiction instead of my usual young adult. The way I normally write is get the story down first, fix it later. This time I`m outlining, have worksheets for characters, scenes, and settings.

Of course, writing in a quiet, beautiful setting, removed from the day-in, day-out life interference is not the same as writing in the midst of noise and responsibility. But, if I can get back to the mindset that writing is part of me, and I`ll keep writing because I need to, even if no one wants to publish my work. That`s the writer I want to be.

Do you, Maggie, vow to write with dedication and commitment, while blocked and rejected, through better or worse plots, though not richer but poorer, as long as your synapses are firing?

That`s what I need to find out.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I think we've been in the same place over the last year, Maggie. I'm doing my retreat here at home this year because of my creaky knee, but I hope we both find all the words and all the inspiration we need to carry on.

Lynn said...

Go Maggie! Sounds like you've got a lot of grit going, so have at it!

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