Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Obligatory Thank You Column

By Rich

It's that time of year again. Despite being sleep-deprived from punching out the last 10,000 words of your NaNo novel, you need to stop. look around, and thank everyone and everything for this past year's bounty. Sorry, but this is mandatory, like paying federal taxes and laughing every time Toronto mayor Rob Ford appears on television. Being my column appears three days before Thanksgiving, now known as The Big Meal Before Christmas Shopping, it's my sworn duty to relay my thanks to all of you. And by 'sworn duty' I mean I swore a lot before I started writing this column. 

Actually, I have a good deal to be thankful about this year, seeing as it was one of my most successful ones to date as an author. Sometime after the start of 2013 I began the transition away from mild-mannered IT jockey into a full-time writer, and it hasn't slowed down. The way it's going, 2014 may turn out to be an even bigger year in writing than this one. Of course, I'll save that column for the end of the year. For now, here are some of the people and places I want to thank this holiday week.

  • The biggest thanks is to Ballot Press for publishing my first novel, Paradise Not Quite Lost, which should appear on the virtual and real bookstore shelves in a few weeks. I'd be making copies of my book at Office Depot and dropping them off in people's mailboxes if they didn't take a risk on me.
  • In related news, thanks to Nan Reed and Susan Tuttle for taking time to edit my manuscript. Nan's sage advice helped me produce a clean copy of PNQL for Susan to review for Ballot Press. I also need to thank Susan for crawling into the crutch word jungle to help me remove some of most wasteful of words. My writing career would not be the same without these two ladies.
  • In related, related news, thanks to my critique group, name change pending, for putting up with everything I've sent to them over the last year. They've seen hundreds of pages from me over the last months, and I have taken all of their suggestions seriously. I wouldn't have become the professional writer person I am today without their gentle but firm guidance.
  • No list of thanks would be complete without a virtual hug, kiss, and diamond ring to my wife. The biggest cheerleader I have, she has stayed with me during the bad times, celebrated during the good times, and rooted me on to become the person I always dreamed of. There aren't enough thanks you cards to send out for all that she has done for me this year.
  • Kerrie Flanagan and Northern Colorado Writers, you're next on the thank you list. I've become a more integral member of NCW this year, teaching a workshop at the annual conference, attending the annual writers retreat, updating the Facebook page, and helping get us some new members. I am utterly grateful to Kerrie and her organization for giving me a place to commune with other crazy folks who love to put words down on paper.
  • Saving the best for last, I want to thank all of you who stop by The Writing Bug every week to see what I and the other talented columnists have to say about our craft, even when we delve into some heavier topics like death, depression, and game show announcers. I hope you all have a Thanksgiving full of joy, good food, and some new words on paper.


Patricia Stoltey said...

This is a wonderful post, Rich. I also thank Kerrie and NCW for keeping me inspired and motivated. What a wonderful bunch of writers I've met through this organization. Kerrie brought us together, and I'm so grateful for her commitment.

Jenny said...

Rich, I'm grateful for your Monday posts because a) they're always great, and b) I have the day off :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

RichardK said...

Jenny, now you've gone and made my head bigger than it already is.

John Paul McKinney said...

Well said, Rich. Congratulations on your successes this year!

Lynn said...

Didn't feel obligatory. Sounded pretty genuine. Thanks for your humor and Facebook quotes.

Kerrie said...

Rich, I am thankful for all the support you provide NCW and me. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a lot for which to be thankful. Congratulations on your nanowrimo novel.

RichardK said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I feel truly blessed this year concerning my writing and the fact I feel mentally better.

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