Thursday, October 24, 2013

You and NCW: A Word From Our Members

By Rich (and Johnny)

We are nearing the end of our 30 Members in 30 Days campaign at Northern Colorado Writers, and we haven't quite reached our goal. I'm not worried, because I have faith that everyone who reads this will visit the NCW website and sign up for either a Standard or Professional Membership. Plus, I know where you all live, so I can always fall back on a visit, a meal, and possibly staying over a few days. I like my towels fluffy and eggs runny. Or is it the other way around?

Anyhoo, instead of me rambling on about the joys of being a NCW member, I thought I'd let some of the current folks associated with the organization do the talking. This allows me to save my pithy comments for another titillating column and, well, avoids further contact with ...

Johnny: Excuse me, Rich?

(Sigh) Yes?

Johnny: It's time to play everyone's favorite game show ...

This isn't a game show.

Johnny: Well, Rich, life is a game show.

Wow. That's pretty astute for someone like yourself.

Johnny: I got it from the back of a Lucky Charms box.

I'm sure you did.

Johnny: I'm not just a pretty face, you know.

That's certainly true.

Johnny: Well, Rich, I may have to stuff your body into an Amana two-door refrigerator with automatic ice maker. Just as long as you win it on everyone's favorite game show ...

Time to make my getaway. Here's are some quotes and testimonials from our current NCW members.

“It wasn’t until I attended my first NCW Conference that I realized not only could I be a writer, but  I am a writer! And a damn good one at that!” -Mary Roberts

"I'm a big fan of the NCW Conference and retreat and have enjoyed many of the workshops and classes over the years. I have to say, however, that the one thing I gained most from membership in Northern Colorado Writers was the opportunity to meet and become close friends with a whole bunch of wonderful men and women who are part of this amazing writing community. We understand each other -- our tendency to hide out with our computers for weeks at a time, our habit of talking to ourselves, and the fact that we tend to babble when we finally come out of hiding. Thanks to Kerrie Flanagan and NCW for developing this fantastic writers' network." -Author Pat Stoltey

“Northern Colorado Writers has influenced my writing in a number of ways, but most importantly by facilitating my interactions with other writers whose work I admire and frankly emulate. For me, it’s all about relationships, and NCW has offered that as well as constant encouragement to do my best.” -John Paul McKinney, author of Charlie's Angle.

"Through the NCW’s classes, workshops, and support, I’ve received so much valuable information and skills which I feel led me to a publisher for my book. Being connected with so many great writers who just want to learn from and support one another is one of the reasons I love being a member." -April Moore, author of Folsom 93.

"If it hadn't been for NCW, I would not be a published author right now. Because of NCW, I joined a writer's group, received feedback on my writing, made some great friends and connections in the world of writing, and was able to learn and grow as an author. Kerrie Flanagan's dream to encourage people in all aspects of writing, is a dream that continues to inspire others." -Pat Walker, author of Dance of the Electric Hummingbird

As you can see, Northern Colorado Writers has influenced many folks to pursue their writing dreams. You can be one of these folks if you join or review your membership. And do it before Johnny mistakes me for a pan of a Jiffy Pop popcorn.

Johnny: It's the San Francisco treat.

No it's not.

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John Paul McKinney said...

Where do you keep Johnny when he's not pestering you around the computer? Good quotes. :)

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