Monday, October 28, 2013

NCW and You: We Did It! Actually, You Did It!

By Rich (and Johnny)

Ladies and gentlemen, you did it! You helped Northern Colorado Writers reach and its 30 Members in 30 Days goal. In fact, we were several new memberships, upgrades, and renewals over our minimum. It's like Christmas, except in a more non-denominational, non-capitalistic way. Of course, there are many people to thank in this effort.

Johnny: Well, Rich, I did all I could in my capacity as game show announcer.

I wasn't talking about you.

Johnny: No need to hold back. I can be as humble as the next extremely talented and good looking individual.

You sure about that?

Johnny: Well, Rich, my over-sized brain tells me it's the truth.

Actually, the people I need to thank are Kerrie Flanagan and the rest of the current NCW membership. They took time over the last month to scour the Internet and promote the campaign to the best of their ability. Without their help ...

Johnny: And mine.

We wouldn't have reached our goal. This means the 7th year of Northern Colorado Writers will be even greater than before.

Johnny: Especially with me announcing all of the upcoming events.

You're not announcing anything.

Johnny: It's time to match the authors, on everyone's favorite game show ...

There. Are. No. Game. Shows.

Johnny: Then, why am I here?

I believe to bother me.

Johnny: Well, Rich, that truly hurts.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Johnny: I'm taking away your lifetime supply of Palmolive. Now your hands won't soften while you do the dishes.

Let me make it up to you. The end of the membership campaign doesn't mean people can't join NCW during the rest of the year. Johnny, tell them about some of the stuff we talked about over the last month.

Johnny: Well, Rich, here's what we touched upon.

Wait, what? That's it, you're done, Johnny! Take your microphone and go bother Arianna Huffington or the ghost of Bill Cullen
 or something.

Johnny: I see. You're taking Rice-a-Roni and York Peppermint Patties out of my family's mouth. What am I going to tell Johnny Jr. about this?

You have a son.

Johnny Jr.: Well, Pop, is that the poopie head who's harassed you over the last few weeks?

Johnny: Yes, son, that's the mean man.

Johnny Jr.: Want me to cut him?

Folks, continue supporting Northern Colorado Writers by reading this blog and joining the organization. And try to do it before Johnny Jr. decides to cut an important organ out of my body.

Johnny Jr.: Should I start with the pancreas, dad?

Johnny: It's the San Francisco treat.

I'm out of here.

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John Paul McKinney said...

Yes, thanks for all your help, Johnny. I mean it.

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