Friday, September 27, 2013

Pace Adjustment

By Maggie

My house is uncharacteristically quiet this morning with the dog boarding and my husband driving my mother-in-law back home to Pueblo. The only noise is rain falling outside my window, not nearly the comforting sound here it would have been a few weeks ago, but not scary, either. Yep, the weather will do whatever it wants, when and wherever it feels like.

Having my husband`s mother here is completely different now that she`s in her upper 80`s with one health concern or fall after another. My grandchildren call her ``little Grandma.`` This tiny, but mighty, German woman goes on with the determination of the little train that knows it can, just at a much slower pace. Spending time with her makes me miss my mother as I watched her slowing down. It took a while for me to adjust to what I used to call, ``travelling at the speed of Mum.`` Now I can fully appreciate the slower, more careful pace, paying attention to priorities, and being in the moment.

Our goals often need to change or at least be reevaluated. Like many others, my creative energy comes to life in the fall, and this year is not an exception. I need to be sure to carve out writing time whenever possible, and reading time, and knitting time... But, I`m keenly aware of just how fast time is changing people, places, and things that I need to cherish while I can. Priorities, all.

 I`m ready to face the challenge of doing my important things and meeting my goals, but at my own realistic, adjusted, and somewhat slower pace.

 How about you: is your pace in need of an adjustment?

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John Paul McKinney said...

Maggie, I really enjoyed this. You are so right to savor the people and things that are most important. We lost Kathy's mother in August, so your blog post was very pertinent. Watching that determined Polish woman slow down and finally halt was difficult but I was really glad I knew her for several years before that. Thanks, Maggie

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