Friday, July 19, 2013

Word Fitness

By Maggie

What`s your favorite part of the fiction writing process? How about your least favorite? There are most likely as many different answers as there are answerees. Personally, I love the making up the story part. Love it. At that point, I don`t need it to feel perfect, plausible, or publishable. I enjoy the story, so why wouldn`t everyone else, every rabid reader in existence? Wow, talk about fiction.

In reality, good fiction writing is a whole lot of hard work. In the beginning, a writer should have an idea how the story will end. Some writers write their ending first and write backwards. The characters need to be believable and authentic. The reader must relate to these people as if they exist in real life, whether the reader loves or hates these characters. The character arc must show the protagonist has grown in some way by the conclusion of the tale. The plot must be feasible on some level, and definitely entertaining, engaging, and even educational in some way. I have to start believing again I`m able to do all of these things.

If you have read any of my recent posts here, you know I`ve been pretty much taking time off from writing this summer. I list reasons of family activities, etc., but I can also admit to being discouraged by the whole process. As writers we pour our hearts and souls into our writing, work our words into literary shape, throw ourselves and our stories out into the world. Then the world says, ``no, thanks.``

Time for me to do something about this. Saturday, July 27, I`m going to NCW`s Writers Boot Camp, taught by knowledeable and inspirational Kerrie Flanagan. This will be just the confindence booster I need.

Come join us for Boot Camp and give your words a good work out. Will I see you there?


Katie said...

Thank you for this post Maggie! It's always nice to hear that other writers take breaks too.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Maybe I should do boot camp, too.

My favorite part of writing is when I get into the head of a character who's not like me at the bad guy in my suspense novel or the 11-year-old girl who can't tell the truth unless there are no options left.

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