Friday, July 5, 2013

Summertime Writing

                 By Maggie

My many reasons for not writing much this summer range from valid to pretty silly. House guests, family gatherings, day trips, and July 4th festivities all qualify as my valids. Maybe needing a nap following any of these activities can be considered valid, as well. Naps, as we all know, happen and are my personal favorite way to reboot a tired mind and body. Some of my other reasons for not writing are no more than cover-ups for the fact that I probably just don`t feel like it and would rather do something else instead.

If I have a writing commitment, such as say, a blog post schedule, of course I`ll do it, even if I end up writing about how I don`t feel like writing. Beyond that, I seem to have fallen into some kind of kid on vacation from school mentality, and my muse is off on a cruise somewhere. What`s a Maggie to do?

I do love to write and want to have my fiction published, read, and enjoyed. My home office is comfortable and conducive, and so is the library, a chair under my favorite shade tree, my recliner, my bed. Maybe if I stop scolding myself and know I`ll get back to my writing when I`m ready, I`ll get back to it sooner.

How`s your summer writing working out for you?


Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Maggie -- my writing this summer consists of a mad scramble to churn out a few pages right before it's my turn to submit to my critique group. It's simply the best I can do at the moment, and I have to be okay with that. I do have a little time for my garden (therapeutic) and those precious naps (energy restoring) so that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Having a tough time getting anything going in the summer. All I really want to do is be out on my bicycle, and I like riding long enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day. Need to make space for it.

pam2spicy said...

Truer and more heartfelt words have not been spoken. I am in exactly the same boat. But I decided that I would take a summer vacation from my self imposed writing stress and do some projects that have been nagging me. Like building a labyrinth, and beginning to train our pony to drive. (well, probably not both of those things.) The word for the day is ENJOY what you are doing. Then you will have a well to draw on on those deadline days.

Charlie Holmberg said...

I'm currently kicking my summer writing into gear... And not a moment too soon! Much luck on your writing journey!

Maggie D'Amato Goins said...

Thank you all for your comments. Easing my guilt will help me to get back on my path:)

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