Friday, July 26, 2013

Hodgepodge for Writers

Post by Kerrie

Happy Friday! I have once again pulled together some articles, videos and information to help you on this journey we call writing.

How To Schedule Your Day for Peak Creative Performance
Here is an article by Amber Rae explaining her process for getting the most out of each day.

Shiftin’ “IT” – How I Do What I Do
By Ayn Hanna
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”(The Cheshire Cat, from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland).
One of my readers recently asked, “How are you able to get your art done while also juggling a family and full-time day job – How do you do all that you do?  This seems to be a pretty popular question, so I’m going to try to answer it. Lucky for me, I’ve always been a good planner... READ MORE 
Defective verbs in our Language of the Possible
'Can' is a hardworking little word in our language, but there are some jobs it just can't do.
By Ruth Walker
Christian Science Monitor

Reading someone else's prose as closely as an editor must can be an intimate experience. An editor gets to know the characteristic rhythms of the writer's prose, the favorite turns of phrase, the verbal tics. The verbal tics can tick an editor off, though, and the writer's favorite turns of phrase are not always the editor's.  READ MORE

Writers Weekly
This is a great resource for freelancers looking for markets to place their articles and essays. Consider signing up for the free weely ezine. 

Literary Agent Interview: Jan Miller of Dupree/Miller and Associates
by Chuck Sambuchino
Based in Dallas, Jan Miller strives to bring innovative and impactful books to the masses. She is passionate and has worked with personal development giants including Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins and the late Dr. Stephen Covey.  READ MORE

The Words That Matter
By Gabriel Packard 
The Writer Magazine
Colum McCann shares expertise on the necessity of plot, intensity of language and the grand paradox of success. READ MORE

TED Talk:  Amy Tan
Where Does Creativity Hide?
Novelist Amy Tan digs deep into the creative process, looking for hints of how hers evolved. She is the author of such books as The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God's Wife and The Hundred Secret Senses.


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Patricia Stoltey said...

I hadn't seen that Amy Tan clip before, Kerrie. Her sense of humor surprised me. Fun talk.

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