Friday, June 7, 2013

Writing A Different Way

By Maggie

 My Write a Different Way Day was this past Wednesday. I dropped my dog off for grooming and daycare and headed out. My original plan was to write outside, probably in my backyard in our tree house in progress. But, being a cool and somewhat frumpy weather morning, I decided the library, where I haven`t written since college, would work for a good write once it opened.

Still wanting to keep it a different way, I wrote in a small restaurant first. Over chai tea and a cinnamon roll, I filled several pages of a notebook with what I thought wasn`t working in my story, what my plans were to fix those things, and some questions I had for and about my main characters. Very helpful stuff. I liked writing there, mostly because even though it was busy and noisy, I could ignore it all because nobody wanted me to do anything more than place my order and pay for it. No, I don`t require a quiet place to write, only to not be needed for a while.

The library was a nice change for me, too. I`ll definitely be drawn to this environment on a regular basis. Lots of places to write comfortably, as many of you already know, plus being surrounded by books was an inspiration in itself. And, of course, nobody needed me there either. My next different way will be outside where there are limitless possibilities. I`m about due for a couple day mini writing retreat at my son`s on Buckhorn Road, a very restful, creative atmosphere, indeed.

 Even the small changes in the method or madness of it all can do a writer good and bring back that lost spark.

What do you do to keep your writing process fresh?


Lynn said...

I'm finding that a balance is what is needed. Routine: first I journal, then get to my writing room by 8:30 am.

Then periodically I break routine, like what you've laid out for us in the Write a Different Way Day.

This teeter-totter approach seems to help me stay productive. Except when I'm not :)

John Paul McKinney said...

Neat post, Maggie. I try writing at different times of the day--early morning, late afternoon, and late at night. Also I go from one story to the other, now on the middle grade story, then on the picture books. Sounds disorganized now that I say it, but that keeps me writing.

Jerry Eckert said...

I like the "white noise" idea, not all the time, but for a change of pace. Coffee shop works, Student Center where this is a steady flow of not loud students.

Patricia Stoltey said...

You did well, Maggie.

I hope to get some more pen and paper writing done outside, but as the temps creep up to the 90s, I suspect I'll be back at my computer with a floor fan keeping me cool.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of writing in different locations. I do the same, though I pack in most of my word counts at home on the computer. I'm a big fan of chai tea, too.

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