Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jumping Into the Rewrite Pool

By Rich

Once again I'm about to plunge into the world of writing symbolism. It's hard not to, considering every time I look there's something in the real world I can relate to writing. For instance, my earliest works resemble what I can find in my garbage can on a normal basis. And the pile of cash in the middle of my living room represents the continual success of my writing in the present day. Wait, is that symbolism? In fact, is the cash in my living room real? Quick, am I married to Jennifer Aniston?

For those who haven't scanned the Interweb lately, my book Paradise Not Quite Lost was picked up for print and digital publication by Ballot Press. I hope to have it in the hands of all ten of you by the fall, but first some rewrites are needed. The main one, according to my editor - still weird to write that - is to make some modifications to the first four chapters of the book. More accurately, get rid of the first three chapters and start at the fourth, which is where my protagonist is first introduced.

To be honest, I'm somewhat afraid of this task. While the base of the chapter is there, I wonder if it will feel the same way when I revise it. In addition, I ponder if I can incorporate the information in the other three chapters throughout the rest of the tale. Of course I can't decline to do the rewrite - I pretty much lose my publishing contract if that happens, so I have to plunge right in and get it done.

This brings me to the writing symbolism. This past weekend we made our first venture to the community pool. While it was nice and warm outside, the water was downright chilly. Instead of standing in thigh-deep water and sinking myself, millimeter by millimeter, into the frigid waters, I took an inhalation of breath, clenched my fists, and sank downward. While the cold shocked my system at first I eventually got used to its comfort.

What's the moral to this fascinating tale you dropped everything to read? Don't fear the chilly waters that come with the rewrites you'll make when you're book or story gets picked up. Take a deep breath, clench your keyboard, and plunge right into the chilly depths. You'll be surprised at how fast you warm up to the challenge.

What advice to you have for rewrites?


Patricia Stoltey said...

It's all part of the process. Revising and rewriting make us better writers. Congratulations, Rich!

Kerrie said...

Trust the process and loosen your grip on what you think is the only way to write the story. When you do, you are more open to all the wonderful possibilities the story holds for you.

Jenny said...

Congratulations! I guess just plug your nose and take the plunge and trust that the writing life guards are looking out for you :-)

Jane Louise Boursaw said...

Since rewriting anything longer than a 750-word blog post gives me hives, I look forward to your wisdom!

Lexie Kahn, Word Snooper said...

Your courageous plunge into rewriting should encourage me to stick my toe back into the blogging pool. I've been hovering at the edge too long.

Lynn said...

Woohoo! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing the book. You'll rewrite just fine, I have confidence. Remember that "bird by bird" symbolism.

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