Friday, May 10, 2013

Spirit of Writing

By Maggie

I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Northern Colorado Writers Conference, and I, as always, got my essential spring fix of information and inspiration to help me to improve as a writer, not to mention the reminder that if I give up trying to write, I give up every chance of publication success. Joining many before me, I thank Kerrie Flanagan and all others who made the 2013 NCWC a creative work of art.

If there had been a way to manage it, such as a quick self-cloning, I would have attended every single workshop offered. With my current novel still in its infancy, though, I chose to draw on three favorite artists of writing to remind me how to lay down a solid foundation for my story and keep it sparkling: Trai Cartwright, Todd Mitchell, and Bonnie Ramthun. Scurry, do not saunter, to take classes from any or all of them. You have a treasure trove of knowledge to gain.

Spending time with new and old writer friends was wonderful. Listening to keynote speaker Andrew McCarthy was a joy, although when he signed his book for me, I wish I had actually said, "Nice to meet you" instead of a suave, "I-ah-baba." Frequent laughter, always a creative and freeing art in itself, rang through this conference. Bonus true-story writing prompt: Bonnie Ramthun, a male hotel guest, and I are descending in the elevator for the lobby when we stop, the door opens, and in walks a man wearing only white hair and a towel…

For me, the novel I’m working on is a must write. This is different. I tried, but I can’t write this one as a pants-er, as I have all my stories so far. My research has slowed my writing down from my usual due to the obvious necessity that my protagonist be authentic. Does this feel different because it really is? Is this The One? I’ll never know if I don’t keep writing with the true spirit and art of writing creativity.

Thanks again, NCWC 2013. I can do this. And I will.

Will you be attending the 2014 Northern Colorado Writers Conference?

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