Friday, May 24, 2013

Bring Back that Writing Feeling

By Maggie

So, you've lost that writing feeling? Wondering if you need to take your muse out for a nice dinner or send her flowers to bring back that creative spark? Of course, staying in your muse`s good graces is important, but maybe what you need to do is recharge with a change in your writing life.

Many writers I know, myself included, tend to form habits and stick to them, by golly. The reasons start out valid: I can only write when the baby is asleep, or my husband is at work, the house is completely quiet, the moon is in the seventh house, etc., etc. Or, I only write in third person, always fantasy, never with pen on paper. Only. Always. Never. Really? Let`s have a Write a Different Way Day and see what happens.

Story changes for us to consider:
  •  If your work in progress is in third person, switch to first 
  • Pick a different character as your protagonist 
  • Make a nice, kind character wicked instead 
  • Change the setting to an opposite climate 

Changes of where and how:
  •  If you write in a quiet room, go to the park or the mall 
  • Write with a pen on paper instead of a computer 
  • Dictate the day`s writing into a voice recorder and play it back for yourself
The possible changes for a day have no limit. Write without a plan. Pretend you are actually a best selling author and your words are sought after by millions of rabid readers. Boldly go where your writer mind has never gone. I'll  take a Write a Different Way Day before my next blog post and tell you how it went for me, what I did and didn't like about my day.

What will you do on your Write a Different Way Day?


Jerry Eckert said...

An absolutely brilliant idea, Maggie. and so well crafted. I don't know where I'll go or how I'll write, but it shall be done.

Jerry Eckert said...
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Patricia Stoltey said...

I will take a pad and pen outside and sit in the shade of the aspen tree (with a tall glass of iced tea by my side). I might write there two days in a row.

Lynn said...

Splendid idea! Let's see... for my WADW day I think I'll take a notepad and pen and go sit in the parking lot of the Sapp Brother's truck stop, just a short drive from my home. I'll watch the action (t's a very busy place) and take notes.

That'll make 'em wonder, won't it?

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