Friday, April 12, 2013

Dog Wisdom for Writers

By Maggie

Dogs have a pretty direct approach to most situations in their daily lives. If hungry- they eat, if tired- they sleep, if something bothers them- they bark, etc. Living with humans requires them to follow many of society's rules, but they do so in a dog-ly way. Any dog living with a writer, I'm sure, could offer some helpful people-whisperer type advice, such as:

  • If you get something good, run with it. This works well with tennis balls, excellent sticks, or story ideas.
  • Get groomed. Smelling clean is a good thing. Trim, brush. If you don't have fur, wear nice clothes, especially to, say, a conference.
  • Don't bare your teeth at the dog park or doggie daycare. Not a good way to make friends like sniffing is. Same thing with large packs of writers. Smile if you're shy or aren't into sniffing.
  •  If you feel bored, restless, or your mind is tired, go for a walk. After a walk, writers frequently stare at computers while their fingers run rampant over the keys. Good time for a writer's dog to nap.
  • Don't whine. Even if all isn't going your way, nobody likes a whiner, human or canine. 
  • Aim high. Jump for that ball in the air. Toss your writing out to high places. Catch every opportunity, even if it feels out of your reach.
  • Sleep well at night. Even if nothing went right and you're discouraged. When the sun comes up, you get a brand new chance. Every day.
Just a few tips that work well for dogs and their writers. Take what you want and leave the rest. Leave it.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I love all of them, Maggie. I especially like the ones about not whining and sleeping well at night.

Maggie D'Amato Goins said...

Thanks, Pat. Good girl.

Lynn said...

You made me smile. Dogs are smart and we should listen to them every chance we get. Thanks for channeling some canine wisdom!

Kerrie said...

This is great Maggie. I like the don't bare your teeth. It made me laugh. :-)

Lisa Vella said...

I LOVE this article! Very clever and creative! Great job!

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