Friday, March 15, 2013


By Maggie

After wanting a dog for a very long time, I got “Manny” last month. Being a rescue guy, he comes with his own doggie-type baggage, including a trunk load of fear. I can only guess at what the poor little dude went through as a pup, but he’s making progress in all areas of family dog-dom now. Although I feel I’m living with a furry toddler much of the time, Manny’s wonderful as my personal trainer, insistent that I get out to walk and play, come snow or come shine. And, being busy with him and because of him has helped me to be a more productive and organized writer again.

This is what I mean:
• I wake up earlier and get moving in the morning, because I’m motivated and have more required activity to fit into my day than I have for a long time.
• Because I’m getting much more exercise, I feel stronger and more energetic.
• Since a good routine is important to my furry friend, I have to have one in place. This has significantly cut down on the amount of recliner-potato time I can justify for myself.
• Being more physically active stimulates my creativity, too, so I must write. I. Must. Write.
• Instead of procrastinating my writing time into oblivion now, I strive to fit as much reading and writing time as I can into my day.
I guess Manny and I needed to get together to start fixing what was broken in each other. Maybe my current protagonist, a fifteen-year-old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome, could use a dog friend to help her, too. Perhaps this dog could be a rescue who knows how it feels to be bullied and picked on, one who needs unconditional love and inclusion … Guess I know what I’ll be working on next.

What’s your motivation to get it all going?


Lynn said...

First off - congrats on your new addition. You ROCK for rescuing! I, too, recently adopted a scaredy-cat dog. After 6 months with us, Luna's comfort level has increased dramatically. Her true personality is coming out and surprisingly, she has a very sunny disposition. Patience, as you well know, is key. And routine.

Luna helps my routine by ensuring that I get outside every couple of hours, clear my head, and don't slump over the computer for too long a time. Plus, she listens attentively when I read my work out loud. She's no critic, and that works for me!

Maggie said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Lynn. Manny is well worth every bit of patience and effort. You rock too, by the way.

Patricia Stoltey said...

A new addition to the family can change our lives, that's for sure. I probably should have gotten a pup instead of a kitten. I'm lots more tempted to take "cat" naps than I used to be, and I should be out taking walks. :D

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