Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Year Plans

By Maggie
At a recent Northern Colorado Writers coffee, a discussion of online presence led to a reminder to Google yourself every now and then to basically see what you’re up to. When I did, I found several mentions of Maggie Goins, pictured as myself, as a man, as deceased for decades. My writing was on there, also, including my self-published middle grade novel from 2008, on sale for various amounts. Pages of Google later I found content mill articles from years back. The one that caught my eye was a reflection on turning 60, pertinent to me as I’m about to turn 65. Yeah, I know…

At the end of my article was an ‘all rights reserved’ statement by the publisher. So, does that mean I can’t use all or part of this piece anywhere again? Even though I was paid a fist full of air for it then? Not having much experience with the rights part of writing thus far, I went looking for information to remind myself what it means. The publisher’s website stated that as of March 2011, they will have exclusive rights for one year. I assume that applies to this article from 2008, not that I have big plans for it. But, I did find it interesting to read how I felt about myself and my life five years ago.

To quote my 60 year-old self, up until then, “I kept the training wheels on my life-bike and stayed safely in my mind’s own yard… The training wheels are off now, and my mind and I are in places I didn’t ever expect to find us. I didn’t suddenly change, I just figured out at 60 what is really important for me to know.” And on my writing dreams, “I may not have my whole life before me now, but I do, with good fortune, have a large chunk of it left. I will move forward until my body folds in on itself and my brain shrinks to the size of a California raisin.”

Good thoughts, Maggie at 60. I wonder what I’ll have to say about myself five years from now, as Maggie at 70? My five year plan is to be in a position to help other writers find success, from my own experience.

What's your five-year plan?

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Lynn said...

I find it hard to plan that far out, and often I find that what actually happens is something I would never have imagined!

What is encouraging to me is to go back and read pieces I wrote 5 years ago. I see things (mistakes) that I couldn't have seen then, which translates as progress and that's what I get excited about. So my plan is to keep writing, take it to the next level, and check back in 5 years. Hopefully I'll again see significant improvement.

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