Friday, February 1, 2013

Writing Advice

By Maggie

Happy February everyone! Last month I had a wonderful visit with my sisters, their pets, nieces and nephews who were available, and my cousin. After not being back east for a year, instead of every three months in recent past, I reconnected in wonderful ways and feel in the family of origin loop once again. But, the evening before I was to fly back to Colorado to return to being Maggie the Writer, I fell at my sister’s house and hit my head on a tile floor. I stayed four more days with a head injury. Stuff happens.

Now back in Colorado and healing well, I’m pondering on the obstacles we writers face while striving to reach our perpetually lofty goals. I admire the heck out of those who have found publication success. Writing is hard work. Keeping at it when life lands a left hook is often way harder. That said, I still have time to meet my pre NCW Conference goal of having one or two novels ready to pitch. This weekend I’ll send my completed novel out to editors and publishers. I need to, can, and will. Today I’ll spend time re-organizing my home office and my writer self.

I was inspired yesterday while reading an interview with Julian Fellowes in the February issue of The Writer. I had never seen his wonderful creation, Downton Abbey, until my sisters sat me down to a first two season marathon. Amazing series, rich with history and multiple plot lines wrapping around one another. I’m thoroughly hooked now, counting the minutes until the next episode. I love that he’s preparing to write a new novel, a prequel, Robert and Cora’s story.

I wish I could sit down with Julian Fellowes, listen to him discuss the methods to his writer madness. I know I have a good story to tell, one that readers will love. In the interview, he encourages us to find our success in doing something other people are not doing and to not lose faith in our work, to believe in ourselves. Thank you, Lord Fellowes for this perfect advice.

What writing advice do you have to share?


Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm also a big fan of Downton Abbey, Maggie. I love every character and can't imagine anyone else playing their parts.

As for writing advice, I can only say read, read, read. Read in your genre, read in other genres, read fiction and nonfiction, read YA, read, read, read.

Lynda R said...

What I like most about Julian Fellowes' writing is that the characters have some heart. Matthew agonizing over his inheritance from Livinia, Robert standing up for Matthew early on when he appeared at Downton to become the next heir.... On and on....but it's not predictable and syrupy like American writing. I wish we had more "character developers" like Lord Fellowes.

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