Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sprucing up the 2013 NCW Writing Contests

Guest Post by Jennifer Top
NCW Writing Contest Coordinator

I am so excited about this year’s writing contest series! In this, our third year, we are increasing the prize money to 1st: $1,000; 2nd: $250; and 3rd: $100, and like last year, all winners, honorable mentions, and editor’s picks will be published in and receive a free copy of the 2013 Pooled Ink (get your 2012 and 2011 copies on Amazon!).

 The editor’s picks were a new addition to the anthology for 2012. When we decided to add them late last year, I contacted those writers to get permission to use their work. In the process I learned that one of the personal essays I wanted to use had won a different contest and we weren’t able to include it. I was bummed the piece wouldn’t make it into Pooled Ink, but I was thrilled for him that he won money and publication elsewhere. For just that reason, the editor’s picks won’t be announced until roughly October for all categories when the anthology is being put together.

This year’s judges are Alyson Hagy for short fiction, David Shields for creative nonfiction, and David Mason for poetry. Links to their bio’s as well as more information about contest rules and submission guidelines are on the NCW website.

The deadline for the short fiction writing contest category is coming up on March 31. Deadline for the nonfiction (including personal essays) and poetry categories are June 30 and September 30, respectively. Note that we are only accepting electronic/emailed submissions this year. If you don’t have a credit card or prefer to pay with a check you can still mail in your payment, or pay online with PayPal. The entry fee is $20 per entry.

The contest is open to anyone, but I hope to see more NCW members entering the contests this year. While the winners of the fiction and nonfiction contests last year were from out of state, NCW members and other Colorado poets swept the poetry category (and yes, we did have lots of out of state entries in that contest too).

 If you have any questions about the contests, check out the contest page on the NCW website or email me at Jennifernortherncoloradowriters.com.


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