Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing Do-Over

By Maggie

Ah, New England in January. The first year I planned a family visit in January, I seriously doubted my own sanity. But, that year I was strongly compelled and was very glad I got to spend time with my mother before she died somewhat unexpectedly while I was there. I've continued to make this wintery trip since while many Christmas trees are still up, and window candles light the darkness in houses everywhere.

This morning I' m on a bus from Concord, New Hampshire to West Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod to stay with my cousin. Today's snowstorm closed schools, but the plows have been out now and the trees are picture post card beautiful out my bus window. How could I not feel like writing?

I admit the goal to write through my post op foot surgery days fell flat. I' m disappointed in myself for that, but I didn't want to write and had nothing worth sharing. Today I start my do-over, and I have a shiny new plan.

  • My completed YA novel still needs a home. Thirty agents have declined. When I get home from my trip, I'm going to spend some time with it then send it out to a hefty batch of editors and publishers. Really, what have I got to lose?
  • I started an adult novel last fall. I' ll read it again with fresh eyes. If I'm not enthused, I' ll set it aside and begin a new story, maybe go back to YA.
  • The first novel I wrote in 2000 is on my mind. I've learned a couple of things about writing since then. Maybe I' ll check it out, take it apart, and put it back together. I could pitch it at the NCW conference this spring. Why not?
  • My self-confidence has returned. New and improved foot, new and improved attitude going on here.
Who would like to join me in making January "Write Like You Mean it Month" this year?


Jenny said...

I would be lost without the do-over. And I plan to restart as often as necessary because the alternative is to just quit, and I'm not ready to do that. Sounds like you aren't either. Good luck, and get that pitch ready :-)

Lynn said...

I think revisiting work from a few years back is an excellent idea, and I have a few of those pieces myself. We are not the some writers now as we were then, and if the characters, plot, etc. are still whispering in our ears, chances are the story has legs. All that we've absorbed in the meantime will allow us to bring the story new life. Go for it!

M. K. Theodoratus said...

Good to hear from you again.

Only 30 agents? Must be at least 20 more to handle all the negotiating stuff.

Good luck placing it wherever it lands.

Donna said...

Well, I've started my first MG novel...and I've set it aside since just before Christmas. I think it's time to get it back out and do a "write like you mean it month"...or more!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm writing like I mean it, I'm writing like I mean it, I'm writing like I mean it.

Do you suppose if I repeat that phrase every morning, noon, and night, it will finally come true?

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