Friday, December 7, 2012

Skeletons of Holidays Past

By Maggie

These days, many of us are making lists, standing in lines, and clicking ‘buy now,’ while others are putting paper to package, heading for the post office, and setting oven timers as Jingle Bell Rock plays on. Our holiday traditions have taken various forms and rituals, some tedious, some as dear as the sweet memories they bring forth.

Have you written any of these memories down,  based a short story or a novel on special ones too precious not to share or too painful to face? Think about any Hallmark holiday movie you’ve ever seen, even the ones you aren’t willing to admit watching. Many of these were written from real life joys and sorrows and, sappy or not, hit the right note with readers or watchers somewhere every time. Flawed humans, holiday after holiday, provide endless stories starring family skeletons for writers of all genres.

Though too late for publishing this holiday season, we can start right now while our minds are wrapped in holidays past and present, by jotting down our memories, bitter, spicy, or sweet. Who knows what stories will grow from the memory seeds we're planting today?
In addition to great story oportunities, you may find it good therapy to write those holiday flashbacks down. Once on paper or screen, some tragedies may read as comedies and events filed in memory as confusing or scary can make perfect sense. Good use of memories, I'd say.

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M. K. Theodoratus said...

Something to consider.

I think this is one of the great arguments for journaling. So, the edge remains on those memories.

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