Monday, December 10, 2012

Green in 2013

Post by Jenny

Good news for May-borns and lovers of all things Irish. Pantone LLC (honestly, I don’t know who that is) has chosen emerald green as the top color of 2013. This year’s color was Tangerine Tango, which I suppose should have inspired me to dance like the Argentineans or eat more citrus, but it didn’t. Green, however, is a color I can get on board with. First cousin to the primary colors, a staple in even the smallest crayon box, green is both as common and as grounding as the grass beneath our feet.   

Green is considered to be the color of balance and harmony, of growth and renewal. It is associated with conditions of the heart and blood (which makes me think of Mr. Spock). It is the color of the eco-movement and the eyes of a certain monster. It is also the color of money. As slang for U.S. paper dollars, the term ‘greenback’ dates back to the government currency used to finance the Civil War. Or, as Ray Charles sang, “just a little piece of paper, coated with chlorophyll.”

Here’s my plan for greening up (or down) my writing for the coming year:

Balance: This was elusive for me in 2012, in both my writing and my life. If embracing green can help me get a handle on that, I’m all for it.

Ecology: I’ll try to increase the amount of recycling, composting, and responsible purchasing I do. I’ll use less electricity, and—this is a tough one for me—take shorter showers, even though it’s my favorite place for creative thinking.

Money: I sure would like to translate more of my writing into greenbacks in the coming year. Because they apparently don’t grow on trees, that means sending out more submissions.

Envy: This is the green I could use a little less of from time to time. As writers, success for one of us is success for all of us, right?

Putting my best foot forward: Figuratively, it's always a good idea, and literally, well, I’m not opposed emerald toenails when sandal season rolls around.

Lastly, I’ll keep eating my broccoli and (finally) get a couple of new plants for my writing space.

How will you bring green to your writing in 2013?


Patricia Stoltey said...

I totally draw the line at broccoli, but the rest of your plan sounds like something I could live with. Green is (almost always) a good thing.

Jenny said...

Pat, I tried chocolate-covered kale this year. Maybe that would be more to your liking :-)

Em said...

I'd probably give myself permission for the long showers and not give those up for two reasons. First, the benefits to the world for creative thinking are pretty extreme. And second, we need to allow ourselves our small pleasures. For some, it maybe be imported chocolate, which definitely uses as many resources as your showers, for others, it may be a necessary 30 minute drive to the beach to be able to walk and sort things out.

Oh, and perhaps weirdly, I'm okay with envy too! I consider it a sign post to where I want to go. :)

This makes me think about my own green-oriented life. Wonderful post.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Em. I like the idea of envy as a sign post. I will think on that during my next long shower :-)

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