Thursday, November 8, 2012

Organize Your Writing for 2013

Post by Kerrie

The holidays, combined with all the shopping, eating, parties, more eating and more parties, make November and December fly by. Before I know it, I am watching the ball drop down over Times Square, signaling to me and the rest of the world, a new year is upon us.

With the new year, comes a clean slate; a whole 365 days to do with what we want. This  is both an exciting and daunting thought, especially when it comes to deciding what we want to accomplish with our writing.

A few years back I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and needed to figure out how I could keep my writing life organized. I went to Office Depot in the hopes of finding the perfect planner to help me get and keep my life on track, but couldn't find one that met all my needs.

"You must stay drunk
on writing so reality
cannot destroy you."
--Ray Bradbury
Not being one to give up very easily, I took matters into my own hands, and created my own writing planner that had everything I needed (full month calendars, day-to-day calendars, places for notes, goals, submission tracker, and inspirational quotes).

I tried it for a year and loved it, so began making more to sell to other writers. They seemed to love it a well. So I kept making them.

Last year, I enlisted to help of author and artist, April Moore. She added amazing illustrations, making the planner not only functional, but nice to look at. This year I adjusted the size to be smaller, making it easier to tote around or put in a purse and April also created new illustrations to go with  inspirational quotes.

If you are looking to organize your writing in 2013, consider pre-ordering your 2013 Writing Planner. (you save 15% by pre-ordering). Visit the Northern Colorado Writers website and look for the order button on the left side of the home page. By planning ahead, you can start the new year out strong and look forward to a year filled with writing success.

How do you keep your writing life organized?


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Patricia Stoltey said...

I use my handy-dandy NCW writing planner, of course. :D

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