Friday, October 5, 2012

Seasons Change

By Maggie
            Changes in the weather don’t usually sneak up on us here in Colorado, by golly. Wednesday afternoon, for example, the temperature was a delightful 81 degrees Fahrenheit, Thursday morning an eye-opening 37. I have to admit, though, that I really do enjoy the seasons, each with its own personality and demands on us. I would find living in an area with close to the same temperature each day as boring as singing a song all in one note. Maybe my writing could use a change of season, too. A different genre and tone might be just what is needed here.
      The first novel I wrote long ago was women’s fiction in third person voice. I got a request for a partial, but the agent passed on it. Since then, I’ve written novels for middle grade and young adult readers, settling into first person present. Partials have been requested, many form rejections and a few encouraging notes have resulted. Do I think I should keep trying? No, not every day, but I do tend to develop a pit bull mentality when I want something as badly as I want to become a successful novelist. Maybe I’m just not writing for the readership most compatible with my story ideas right now. Minds and seasons change.

      I love, love, writing young adult fiction, but I need to give women’s fiction another good try now
that I know a little better what I’m doing, how this all works, or well, doesn’t work. I’m taking a break from querying agents for my latest YA novel, waiting for responses, and have started a new project I enjoy working on. What have I got to lose?

            Now, I need a ton of quiet, uninterrupted time, in a lovely setting with great food in which I am absolutely required to write for hours and hours. Northern Colorado Writer’s Retreat is October 26-28. Don’t you love it when plan meets perfect timing?


Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm looking forward to the retreat as well, Maggie. My goal this year is 15,000 words, but I haven't decided what I'm going to work on yet.

Kerrie said...

I can't wait for the retreat as well. 15,000 words Pat? Wow. I am going to shoot for 10,000 and see how that works. That will put me halfway in my novel. :-)

Jerry Eckert said...

Go for it Maggie. Wish I could be there but I could never compete with your word count. Obsessing over most of the words and sentences like I do, I tend to write only 2,000 words in a two day period and even that is a stretch. Y'all have a great conference.

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