Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You Get What You Pay For

Posted by Linda

I’m not really a hotel snob BUT . . . . . .

On our recent trip to my husband's high school reunion in Minnesota, we stopped at a tourist information rest stop in Sterling, CO, because he left the maps at home. That’s okay, I forgot the camera! He picked up a guide to hotels across I-80 and, as I drove, read aloud some motel/hotel ads for Lincoln, Nebraska, our first stop.

One motel included breakfast and free Wifi in every room for only $39 a night. Ummmm  . . . . . .   I was skeptical to say the least, yet went along with his choice.

We walked into the room and saw a king sized bed, one nightstand and light on his side but no clock. In the bathroom, I found an empty tissue holder and half a roll of toilet paper (the clerk said they are on back order). One side of the towel rack hung by a loose screw and precariously held two hand towels and the smallest bath towels I've ever seen (more like glorified washcloths). No hangers hung in an alcove because no rod existed. An ironing board rested against the wall. No iron filled the holder.

My husband went to the clerk to ask for a chair. “You have a couch, why do you need a chair?” Good point since there was also no desk. However, the only outlet for the computer was on the opposite wall from the couch – a tripping hazard!

Bob opened the microwave, the refrigerator and finally the separate small freezer. “We have no clock, but there is a pair of frozen women’s heels in the freezer.” We actually got more than we paid for! I couldn’t stop laughing.

Hotel snob? Which of your experiences led to good story fodder?


Patricia Stoltey said...

Bill and I once stayed in a motel in Illinois because of the free Internet access banner. The room wasn't much better than the one you described, and I think we were the only ones to stay there that night. The atmosphere and look of the place had already been used in a book and movie and called the Bates Motel...but it still hangs around in the back of my mind as a potential setting for at least a horror short story.

Linda Osmundson said...

We had better luck on the way home. No shoes in the freezer, decent room with all that we needed. I don't think I'd want your experience, however. Sounds scary.

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