Friday, September 14, 2012

Time Management

Post by Dylan

Wow, school has already been going for about a month and now and my time is all gone. When I first entered school I was optimistic that I would still have writing time after school, sports and homework. Unfortunately, that optimism has yet to be rooted in any bit of reality.

Now, this first month of school has really made me much more aware of time management. During the summer I would sit down and write for about two hours or more everyday at any time during the day because I had nothing on my agenda. Now, I have to manage every second of my time and how to divvy it up between homework, reviewing and writing. And by some hand of fate writing has been pushed into the segment “do it a few minutes here and there.”

I know I am not alone in this struggle for time management where writing is involved. I know that there are seasons in every writer’s life (for instance months that fall at the end of quarters) where writing gets pushed to the background. And that’s frustrating. The fact that I cannot write makes me want to write for longer than I ever did during the summer.

Fortunately though, I found something that helps me manage this time and force myself to write despite everything that is going on. That one thing that helps me make sure there is writing time is writing down—I know it’s ironic. Every week I write down in my goals that I want to write more of my rough draft. Now, I don’t say how much to write I just say to write. I know that if I put a bigger goal I might let myself down and uninspire myself to fit writing into my busy schedule.

So, what I propose is that those of us who are in a busy season of our lives simply write down that we must write something every week, whatever that something is. Now write that goal down in a place that you will see everyday so that that goal will become a part of your time management on a conscious and unconscious level. So far, this has worked for me and I hope it helps you all with your writing time management!

Are you having a problem squeezing in your writing time right now?


Dianne K. Salerni said...

It's funny, but I posted about this today, too. I also went back to school -- except I'm the teacher, and I probably dragged my feet more than students do.

I felt a frantic need to try and jam an impossible number of writing goals into my Labor Day weekend, and that was really a dumb thing to do. Smaller, more reasonable goals work better for a packed schedule.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I always have a time management problem, Dylan, and I don't have the excuse of school or a full-time job. The only thing that keeps me on track is my daily To Do List.

And you're right, if writing is not one of the prioritized "To Dos" then it probably won't happen.

sweetsum said...

One productivity tip that is no secret and that everyone uses is having a To-do list.
Keeping track and organizing tasks and ideas will make it easier for you to know what are those important things that need to be done and what are those can be last on the list.

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