Friday, September 7, 2012

A Writer's Voice

by Maggie
As soon as she could pull herself up to the piano, my granddaughter found her voice. Very cute, as you can see. To most of us as writers, however, finding our voice is more of a process, with our initial efforts often less than adorable. So, what are the ingredients of this voice we need to find? I checked with a few of the experts.

Maeve Binchy, in THE MAEVE BINCHY WRITERS’ CLUB, says, “I never knew what was meant by ‘finding your voice.’ Not for ages. But I think I know now. I believe it means finding a way to write that is comfortable for you. It’s finding the method to tell your story that seems natural and unaffected.” Rest in peace, dear Maeve.

In HOW I WRITE, SECRETS OF A BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Janet Evanovich tells us: “Voice is a function of a writer’s personal style. It’s how you tell the story in your own way and your own words.” She also adds: “For the writer, it’s the sound of the sentences, the choice of the words, even the choice of plots and characters that determine voice and make it unique.”

Victoria Hanley, in her book, WILD INK, SUCCESS SECRETS TO WRITING AND PUBLISHING IN THE YOUNG ADULT MARKET, says on voice: “For singers, it’s about infusing their spirit into the music. For writers, voice is about you infusing your spirit into what you write.”

From what I’m hearing about a writer’s voice it’s:

·        comfortable for them

·        natural and unaffected

·        a function of their personal style

·        telling a story their way, in their own words

·        determined and made unique by sound of sentences and choice of words, plots, and characters

·        you infusing your spirit into what you write

Take a look and listen to your written words. Have you uncovered the voice you’ve hoped to find?


Andrea Mack said...

I'm always unsure whether my voice shows through in my writing or not. It's so tricky to figure out!

Laura said...

I happened upon this post this morning and how inspiring for me as I'm trying to take a renewed interest in my writing (so much going on lately = no time for me). I think I need to put more of my soul into my writing...

Kay Theodoratus said...

Good points, Maggie. Some day, if I ever get control of all those other craft skills, I might think about what my voice is. In the meantime, I'll be my snarly self.

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