Friday, August 24, 2012

Fine Tuning

   By Maggie
I bought a beautiful piano from a dear friend this week and have moved happily into Maggie Learns to Play the Piano, part two. I made an appointment to have my new baby tuned the end of this month so each note will ring clear and true. Perhaps, as a fiction writer, my words and I could use a tuning, too.

I’m looking at the writer in the mirror now, really looking. Mirror, mirror in front of me, am I the best writer I can be? I don’t need some mirror to answer that or to remind me that chances are I may never be published, but if I don’t give writing my best effort, that’s a guarantee. So, I ask my writer self:

·         Is writing a priority, at least as important as most things in your life?

·         Do you read lots of books in your genre?

·         Are you open to suggestions and criticism of your work?

·         Is your story on your mind, whether you’re writing at the time or not?

·         Before submitting, do you thoroughly research the agent or publishing house to know their needs and guidelines?

·         Do you continue to submit your polished work, even in the face of rejection after rejection?

·         Have you developed a thick skin, worthy of a seasoned writer?

·         Is your love of writing strong enough to keep you trying and trying and trying?

·         Do you believe in yourself and your words?

·         Are you honest enough with yourself to set a stale project aside in favor of a fresh idea?

I see I can do better in some areas, especially with the thick skin item. Probably no one has ever died from hurt feelings, but I admit to approaching my death bed more than once. Like my words, I need revision on a regular basis.

What tuning do you and your words need to ring clear and true?


Jenny said...

I'm overdue for a tune-up! I can answer 'yes' to many of these questions, but not all.

It's great that you are learning piano. Music is good for brains!

Jamie Raintree said...

Great thoughts. I haven't had to deal with too much criticism just yet but I know thick skin will always be my hardest struggle. As I imagine it is for most writers. Luckily, my passion for writing keeps me going. :)

Patricia Stoltey said...

I need to learn that part about giving up on a stale project and starting something new. Luckily, NaNoWriMo helps with that because one of the rules is to start from scratch.

Name: Luana Krause said...

Congratulations on your new piano! I love to play as well...I get a sense of accomplishment when I can play a tune (I'm not a gifted pianist and I never play in front of people. It's my personal pleasure.) I totally uderstand what you mean about thick skin and priorities. I've been busy whittling down time wasters and focusing on what I want to do.

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