Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lesson Learned

Posted by Linda
OOPs I forgot to post this.

Each morning, while in my pajamas and my husband still sleeps, I grab a cup of coffee and head to the computer. I check emails, start an article, research on the web, and/or write. Several times during the day I snack or drink by my computer. As I fix dinner, I steal moments between cooking activities and hurry to the computer for some small task, glass of wine in hand.  

Little over a week ago, my computer time during dinner preparations lasted longer than usual. I set my wine next to an empty cup beside the computer, picked up the cup to take to the kitchen, and knocked the wine onto my laptop.

I sopped up what I could and turned the computer on its side. Little did I know to turn the computer upside down instead. Needless to say, the keyboard failed to work. My son loaned me an external keyboard that helped for a day. When the laptop seemed to have died, I took it to my guy at Computer Renaissance.

Now I try to learn a new computer with a wider keyboard that includes a number pad. My fingers constantly land on the wrong keys. I find that all my programs were not transferred, like Kodak Easy Share. Of course, I can’t even find the installation CD. What to do???

The good thing is the repairman turned my old hard drive into an external drive. Hopefully, I can transfer lost pictures.

Friends offered condolences.
“Don’t beat yourself up. I eat and drink by the computer all the time.”
“My keyboard is full of cookie crumbs.”

And the best one, related by the repairman:

A woman brought in a $2400 Dell laptop she’d purchased the week before. One day she went to the kitchen for something. While she was gone, her little dog climbed up on the desk and peed on her computer. Dell said the warrantee didn’t cover a dog accident.

So, take heed of this lesson learned – Don’t eat or drink by your computer.           

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