Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finding Article Fodder While Traveling

Posted by Linda

I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I brought my camera, but once again forgot the cord to transfer pictures to the computer.

Wow! How it has changed since our visit thirty-two years ago. They now charge to see the Loretto Chapel with the miraculous spiral staircase. A sign said pictures were allowed but for private use only. How can they tell me what I can do with my pictures? Guess I can't use them for an article. 

Santa Fe offers a wealth of article fodder - history, churches, Indian market, western clothing, Mexican furnishings, restaurants, art galleries and museums. Besides those ideas, I could write an article about downsizing. My son, wife, and 3 year old twins moved from 3800 to 1700 square feet. Not fun. They are renting and storing a lot of "stuff" until they decide where to live permanently.

Another idea is how to use fresh apricots. The fruit drops continually from the tree in their backyard. I've picked two grocery bags full from the branches laden with slightly green or ripe fruit. When I get home, I'll make jam.

Ideas come from everywhere. I could even write about the drive here. We saw the Colorado Springs Waldo Fire burn area and blackened hills from the highway as well as the gravel pit which saved many homes. I met a girl from Lubbock Texas at a rest stop. She and her fellow students - about 25-30 of them - were headed to Denver for a Christian teen's camp. We talked about a number of things - my growing up in Texas, her reflections on the state, and her manners - "Yes, Mam."

After Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, we ate brunch in a wonderful small restaurant. Choosing to sit at the community table of ten proved to be the best choice - two people wanted information about my books and website. The Cathedral is an article in and of itself. The beautiful metal entrance doors present one story and the altar screen another.

Santa Fe is called Aspen's sister. I believe it. Shopping proved to be a shock and expensive, but offered plenty of western wear ideas. Needless to say, I only looked! 

Do you find ideas everywhere? Start thinking out of the box.


Dean K Miller said...

I believe if we just let life be, the ideas will find us no matter where we are.

We need be still and observe to hear what "they" are offering.

Linda Osmundson said...

Good idea, Dean. I came home with all kinds of ideas. Now I just have to write the articles!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Sounds like a productive trip, Linda. I feel that way every time I come home from NW Arizona, the spot that has inspired one novel and one short story so far. Travel can be very useful, that's for sure.

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