Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventures at Explorati

Post by Dylan

Last week, as a few of you may know, the NCW Studio hosted Trai Cartwright’s Explorati Teen Writing Boot Camp. As a teen writer, and a member of Explorati in previous years, I was excited to go. Now that I am out of Explorati, I have only one thing left to say. If you have any teen in your life who is serious about writing, send them to Trai.

Through the years at Explorati, I have worked my way up the tracks, each year discovering many new things as I evolve as a writer. However, this year in Fiction III was a crash course into advance writing and the business itself. I enjoyed every second of it. Fiction III was the most fun I have had yet at Explorati, taking on subjects like integrating tone and character traits into dialogue, hitting the right beats in your book plot-wise, and many, many more.

Not only is this course fun, but there are new challenges at each level, things I would not have been prepared for the year before. That was part of the fun, knowing that every year I evolved, and so did Explorati.

Another thing that is important for every writer was the community that Explorati gave us. There I was able to meet many brilliant and talented teen authors who I have since kept in touch with and have already arranged to meet with again. I cannot stress again how important a sense of community is when your passion is something as lonely as writing.

So, while Explorati was great for me and other teen writers I bet a lot of you adults are wondering where you fit into this equation. Well, have no fear because I am getting there. Explorati was fun, but it would be nothing without our fabulous instructor, Trai. For all of you over the age limit for Explorati, I highly recommend that you see Trai about your writing. I guarantee you that she is a fair critic who knows what it takes to get your manuscript into tip-top shape.

Do you know any teen writers who could use Explorati?


Maggie said...

I highly recommend writers past their teens go to Trai, too. She offers wisdom and expert advice through either Story Notes or Page Notes.

Dean K Miller said...

Glad you've have had such a great experience with Trai and Explorati. Wish I could be a teen again, but only for this course...the rest I could live without!

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