Friday, June 15, 2012

Writers in Community

By Maggie

Any writer will tell you: if you write, you do so alone much of the time. This is an activity spent in solitary; a news-reporting, article-researching, world-creating, character-arcing party of one. But, a gaggle of writers is just a connection away, and you just might have a problem that they understand. Even the shy who prefer not to mingle much will benefit by being involved in a community of like-minded writers from newbie to best-selling and all those in between.

A community of writers can be as small as a few people who gather to discuss what they're working on to an organization of hundreds who offers conferences, classes, coffees, and cozy writing retreats, such as Northern Colorado Writers. Is hesitation to share the soft underbelly of your writing self with people you haven't met holding you back? Consider some of the reasons to get over yourself and reach out:

  • No matter where you are on your writing journey, tons of people have been right there. Hearing their writing trials and tribulations and what they did to move forward will provide you not only with valuable resources, but with a large helping of hope.
  • Writers of every level benefit greatly from continued education in the craft. Going to a writing class will make you a better writer and connect you with people you'll love to be around.
  • Every type of occupation has some form of mentorship component. It takes a very short time in a group of writers to identify someone you would love to learn from.
  • Large gatherings aren't for everyone, but consider this: successful writers tend to live a somewhat public life as speakers, signers, self-promoters. A good place to start doing this sort of thing is to become part of a community of writers who will help you, teach you, listen to you, and share themselves with you. What could be better than that?
Get out there and join other writers and prepare to be absolutely amazed at how wonderful belonging to writers in community really is.


Linda Osmundson said...

Good job, Maggie. I totally agree.

Dean K Miller said...

Get over myself? Hah! Never...but certainly am involved in one of the best writer communities around...NCW.

Also, if you travel anywhere and mention you are a writer, it's amazing how many other writers come out of the woodwork to talk.

We are everywhere...just not telling everyone, I guess.

Patricia Stoltey said...

A gaggle of writers...I like that. An excellent post, Maggie.

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