Friday, June 22, 2012


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Sequels. Some of us love to read them, and some of us hate them with a fiery passion. Unfortunately, as authors there will come at least one time in our careers where we have to write them. Currently I am in that situation where I am writing my first ever sequel, and I have to say it is stressful. Though I’m not even published, under contract, or have hardly anyone reading my writing, I feel that I must live up to a certain expectation. I can only imagine what the pressure is like for published authors.

But let’s face it, series sell and can create long-time readers and fans. So, are they a necessary evil? My answer is yes.

Now, I’ve spent all this time telling you about all the pressures of starting to write a sequel, but I did not tell you about how much joy it can bring. I am actually finding it to be quite exhilarating as I am seeing carefully laid plans starting to come to fruition. It is even more satisfying when you get to finally write a scene that you have envisioned for more than a year. As exciting as writing a scene you have envisioned in a stand alone book is, writing an envisioned scene in a series carries twice as much anticipation and ten times as much gratification.

So, are sequels really the embodiment of evil? No. Are they difficult? Yes. But when you are struggling through with your own expectations just remember all the joy that writing this sequel can bring you and your future readers.

Have any of you written sequels? If so, did you find them to be difficult? Tell me in the comments below.

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Dean K Miller said...

Not yet, don't plan on it, unless of course a contract comes along that says I will!

Good Luck!

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