Friday, May 25, 2012

Writing Podcasts

Post by Dylan

Nowadays there are many different ways for information to be broadcast: blogs, newspapers, cell phones, television, etc. As writers it is our job to stay current with these different media, especially when writing modern day fiction. Now, I don’t know about you, but, as you can guess from my title, I enjoy listening to Podcasts while I write, specifically ones on writing or involving author interviews.

In recent years, there has been a huge wave of writing podcasts being broadcast on the internet. Trust me when I say that not all of them are keepers. However, there are definitely a few out there that stand supreme and I listen to constantly. The reason I find these podcasts so helpful is they not only entertain you and give you something stimulating to listen to while writing; they also can give you insightful information or news from your favorite authors.

I would definitely recommend writing podcasts to any writer who enjoys listening to something while they write, but just can’t find the right music. They are entertaining and on many occasions have related to something I was writing at that moment and have helped me break through a little bit of writers block. So, not only are they fun to listen to they are also very helpful. There is no reason not to try listening to a writing podcast. In fact, I will give you a list of a few just to get you guys started.

Science Fiction/ Fantasy specific podcasts:

- SF Signal
- Adventures in SciFi Publishing
- Speculate ( This podcast has featured Colorado authors Carol Berg and Courtney Schaffer)
- The Author Hour (Has also featured Carol Berg)

General Writing podcasts:

- Writing Excuses
- Writing for YA ( Hosted by Colorado author Victoria Hanley)

Do you guys have any podcasts you listen to? Let me know in the comments below.


Dean K Miller said...

I'll listen to listen. Can't have other voices coming in my head when the ones already inside are clamouring for attention!

I stay with background electronic space music, mostly from hearts of space ( and a few you tube ambient mixes to fuel my writing energy.

Seems to draw out the characters voices more.

I've enjoyed the author podcasts I've listened to though... (ie Victoria Hanley and others)

Patricia Stoltey said...

I've listened to a few writing podcasts and found them interesting and entertaining, especially when the author has good presentation skills. Victoria's is very well done.

So far, I've not considered doing any myself...but maybe one of these days...

Andrea Mack said...

Thanks for the links! I enjoy listening to writing podcasts when I'm cleaning or exercising the dog, but I hadn't found these yet. I like the Creative Penn podcasts by Joanna Penn.

Julie Hedlund said...

I would also highly recommend Katie Davis' Brain Burps About Books - everything to do with children's literature. She's about to post her 100th episode with interviews from the three former National Ambassadors of Literature for Young People - Walter Dean Myers (current), Katherine Paterson & Jon Scieszka (former)

Nathan Lowell said...

I listen to podcasts while I'm on my morning walk (and publish one that I record then, too). I also listen a lot when I'm doing household chores, on long drives, and basically anytime my eyes are busy but my ears aren't. (Mowing the lawn is a challenge...)

Mur Lafferty's "I Should Be Writing" is a staple.

A new one, The Roundtable Podcast, gives the opportunity for (usually beginning) authors to workshop story ideas with the organizers and an "esteemed guest host" who has some publishing cred. They interview the guest host and put that out in advance as "Twenty Minutes With..."

There's also Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing. They have interviews with SF/F authors about their craft.

For something a little more directly related, there's The Dead Robots' Society where they publish a discussion every week about some aspect of the craft. They can get a bit vulgar so if the odd f-bomb offends, might wanna take this on with a grain of salt.

My daily Talking On My Morning Walk is a stream of consciousness cast that talks about my life as a full time author and the kinds of things I deal with when it comes to craft, balancing life and work, and just stuff that I'm thinking about.

There are a lot more...

[transparency: i've been a guest on almost all of these podcasts but recieve no monetary reward for promoting them.]

Lauren Harris said...

Nathan Lowell already mentioned most of the ones I was going to use to pad the self-promotion, so I guess I just get to look shameless. ;)

My podcast, Pendragon Variety, is a round table discussion podcast for aspiring writers of genre fiction.

Doc Coleman said...

In addition to the podcast mentioned by others, let me reccomend Galley Table by Flying Island Press. This podcast addresses various aspects of writing, publishing, and the geek storytelling experience. Disclaimer: I am a regular contributor in the guise of a guest who keeps coming back. They call me the Galley Table Stowaway.

I can also recommend Michell Plested's podcast Get Published which chronicles his journey to becoming a published author with advice, interviews, and commontary.


Tim Ward said...

I host a writing podcast, AudioTim, interviewing authors and publishers in SF,F, and Horror. I try and keep a nice balance between promoting stories and discussing the author's life.

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