Monday, April 9, 2012

Two-Month Warning

Post by Jenny

I’m willing to bet that even the most casual football fan is familiar with the two-minute warning. Play is stopped when two minutes of the half remain. Advertisers bombard us with commercials, and then the game resumes, in either dramatic or ho-hum fashion. The two minute warning dates back to the days when the official game time was kept by the on-field officials, not the stadium clock. Stopping the clock at two minutes allowed the officials to make sure both teams knew exactly how much time was left.

Nothing in my life is dramatic or fast-paced enough to need a two-minute warning. But when the month of April rolled around, I realized that I had reached my two-month warning. The warning being: two months until my boys begin their summer break.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love having my sons home for the summer. They are great fun to be around. And I love the lazier mornings, the slower pace of the days, and the fact that I don’t have reams of school papers coming home and padding my stacks. But when my brain shifts into summer mode, I get considerably less writing done.

Laziness aside, the distractions are more numerous—baseball games, tennis courts, the swimming pool, and, ooh, is that the ice cream man? The flowerpots need watering, the garden needs tending, and walks with the dog are longer. And is there anything better than a matinee on a hot summer afternoon?

March flew by—in like a lion, out like a cheetah—and April will likely bring more of the same. And May? Forget it. It’s the fastest one of all. As I write this, the red-eyed tree frog on my calendar has me in his unrelenting stare, and I can almost hear him croaking (in a more sinister tone than I would expect from a tiny amphibian), “Summer’s coming, summer’s coming.”

So, I am officially putting myself on notice. My writing planner is once again showing the right date (I won’t tell you how many pages I had to turn to get there), and I’m ready to buckle down. Thank goodness I can’t hear the ice cream man when I’m downstairs at my desk.

Is spring a productive time for you as a writer?


Sarah Pearson said...

Well, I'm discovering that April is pretty much a write off, too many new blogs to visit :-)

Patricia Stoltey said...

April is a busy month, that's for sure. I tend to get a bit of spring fever accompanied by attacks of lethargy about the time my daffodils bloom. I recover quickly though. :D

Jenny said...

Sarah, so true! I'm blog hopping a lot, too.

Pat, the weather has been very conducive to spring fever!

Dean K Miller said...

Anybody who works on a two-month lead time is way ahead of any game plan that I'm involved in.

I'd just like to get two minutes...let alone a warning that it is coming up!

Julie Hedlund said...

I know what you mean. My kids' last day is May 24th!!! The hourglass empties...

So I'm being careful about my planning until then too.

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