Friday, February 24, 2012

Writing Community

Post by Dylan

Over the past few years of writing I have come to realize just how important having a good writing community is. That is one of the reasons why I joined NCW in the first place, to get a real sense of a community. In the past few years I have joined a critique group, attended a few classes and met some great authors. In fact, having a strong writing community is one of the most important things I feel a writer can have in their arsenal.

In the two and a half years since I started attending my critique group I feel like I have grown as an author and also in my confidence. It is amazing how frightening it is putting your writing out there at the very beginning, but when you realize how good it is to have that writing community, you grow. I have become a stronger person and a writer who is always confident with sharing his writing with others. Now, I have come a long way when you consider I used to cringe and get teary-eyed every time my mom whipped out the red pen.

A writing community can also prove to be a group you can lean on when you are not as strong. I have taken a lot of solace in my two friends who are also writers. As a result we have grown even closer, gone on book shopping sprees, and also had days where we come together and simply write. Finding people who you can relate to is very important if you want to grow as a writer and as a person in general. Like the old saying goes, two is company.

So if you’re not a member of the NCW or another writers group, try and attend some classes. The morning coffees and open mike nights are also great opportunities to meet other writers. Something else I found helpful is going to book signings to find out more about the business from some authors you truly admire. I know I received a great amount of information from a book signing with authors Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells.

Bottom line is writing is a solitary act, so find some people who will come and support you through this lonely process. It will help more than you can possibly imagine.

Has having a writing community ever helped you through some tough times? Let me know in the comments down below.


Linda Osmundson said...

Yes, Dylan, my critique group (writing community) helped get me published first in magazines and then helped perfect my two books. I couldn't do without them.

Linda Osmundson said...
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Patricia Stoltey said...

Excellent advice, Dylan. I also credit my critique group with helping me toward publication. I can't imagine a writing life without them.

Dylan Book Reader said...

Thank you Linda and Patricia for commenting. I too owe a lot to my critique group. So far, they've helped me through two novels.

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