Wednesday, February 22, 2012

 Posted by Linda
Web presence definitely includes a blog. However, it is hard to create reader traffic. Daren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger Blogging Tips, compiled a list of 19 ways to promote and increase traffic to your blog. He gathered the information from his past posts, comments by others and also gives more links to blogging traffic articles. In a nutshell, here are some of his ideas. 
  • It takes time. Be patient
  • Content, Content, Content. Think in terms of "usefulness and uniqueness." Other words to describe content include "fresh, variety, up to date, and well written."
  • Link to others. Be selective and link only to quality content that fits your niche.
  • Get links from others. He provides a link to an article on the subject.
  • Participate in other people's conversations. Make genuine comments.
  • Interact with readers. Comment back to them.
  • Update frequently. Set a posting schedule.
  • Add a signature to your outgoing email. Put a link to your blog.
  • Promote your RSS feed. Write a blog on how to use RSS feed.
  • List your site on Portals, Blog Indexes, Directories and Search Engines. Read his "how to" link.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Again, read the links he provides.
  • Participate in other Blogger's projects. Another link helps understand how.
  • Participate in other web forums. Be a genuine contributor.
  • Explore other formats of communication. Such as email newsletters.
  • Offline techniques. I.e., business cards, letterhead, press releases and more.
  • Make it viral. Add "plugins."
  • Advertise. Read his comments for more information.
  • Link Baiting. Read the link.
  • Take all advice with a grain of salt - Be yourself and have fun.
There are many more online sites for information on promoting and increasing traffic. You can find them through Google. 


Kay Theodoratus said...

Nice. I liked the last one best.

Linda Osmundson said...

LOL! I like that one too.

Patricia Stoltey said...

It seems like such a horrendously big job, but if we take it step by step, a little at a time, we can make it manageable.

Linda Osmundson said...

Thanks, Pat. You are the wizard of blogging.

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