Friday, February 3, 2012

Nook or Book?

Post by Laney
There are very few things that irk me, but one of the biggest things that does is when people (adults mostly) say books will soon become non-existent, due to electronic readers and my generation's love of technology.

These same people often say that teenagers would rather read from a Nook or Kindle then a book. That is beyond depressing. To be honest, most teenagers I know dislike being in front of a screen all the time. Between schoolwork, word processing programs, and everything else that is online, teenagers do get sick of being in front of a screen.

Now I'm not saying that we hate screens, but there is just something about the feel of books that attracts most of us. One thing I really love is walking into Barnes and Noble and smelling the overwhelming pages of books. If only electronic readers existed, you would walk in and it would smell like a computer shop, or even Best Buy for that matter. But book stores are all wonderful. I love spending an hour or so wandering between the shelves and picking up book after book. If all I had was an electronic reader, I would spend hours looking for books on my couch instead of being out and about.

There are pros and cons to both sides. Some say books are killing the environment because they kill trees, but if you think about it, electronic readers take up energy to charge. Also, on electronic readers, books tend to run cheaper. But if you add the cost of the electronic reader to the price of the book, which comes out to be more expensive? And another great thing about books is that you don't ever have to charge them, and they never run out of battery. How about that?

I talked to one of my fellow seniors, Chloe, and she said reading a book is a sensational thing, literally. She loves the way books feel and smell, so instead of only engaging her eyes, she's engaging almost all of her senses. Personally, I love the way a book looks once it's been read over and over. My favorite book, Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanely, is taped up and some of the pages are falling out because I have read it so many times. The book has become more authentic to me.

So, overall I think books will be a forever thing. Even though electronic readers are popular, those of us who love books will pass on that love to our children, they will pass it on to theirs, and so on. Books will never go away because of the constant need for them, the want for them. My conclusion is, books over Nooks any day.

What do you think?


Rini K said...

Totally book! Although I have to say I like the trade paperback sizes better than the paperback since my eyesight is poor ... lol.

Name: Luana Krause said...

I used to be strictly book, until I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Totally lovin' it. I like both!

Kay Theodoratus said...

Right on, Laney.

I think there's room for both ... as long as some corporate number cruncher doesn't get a maggot in its brain that paper books are totally unprofitable.

One thing you didn't mention, e-readers need to be charged.

Nathan Lowell said...

I don't think books are going away, but I think the nature of the book will change.

Don't get me wrong. I love the physical sensations as much as the next person, but the reality is that I like stories much more than I like the boxes they come in. I can buy a lot more stories in e-formats and store them much easier than in paper.

Books are now "specialty purchases" for me. I only buy paper if there's some special reason ... like it's a textbook that the publisher doesn't make available in a convenient format. Or if it's a book that means something to me beyond the story, like my autographed copy of In Memory Yet Green.

Otherwise, I'll take my stories straight up and digital, thanks. It's a lot easier on my eyes, much easier to hold, and I never lose my place.

Dean K Miller said...

Still leaning on the book side of the fence. But if I publish, I'm sure it'll be electronic, for a variety of reasons.

But I don't think books will completely disappear. Wasn't there a book library on the Enterprise in "Star Trek" and books found in one of the "Planet of the Apes" movies? Even in futuristic settings, we seem to still need to have books around.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I've been filling my Kindle up with novels so I always have something to read when I travel.

But I'll shop in bookstores and spend time wandering library stacks to search, smell, and touch as long as print books exist.

That's having the best of both worlds.

Deborah Nielsen said...

I like books; the feel of the paper, the sound of the flip when you turn the page. But sometimes they take up too much space or are cumbersome to pack around. I got a Nook tablet for Christmas and I like it, too.

When you travel, an e-reader can let you pack a lot of books in a very small space and give you access to the web for those times when you can't or don't want to lug a laptop along. When I'm traveling by motorcycle I leave the paperbacks I've finished in hotel lobbies, laundomats and the like to make room for souvenirs or to lighten the load. With the Nook I won't have to do that or be limited to paperbacks.

I don't think paper books will ever entirely go away. I'd never trade my paper service manuals for an e-version. When working on one of the bikes out in the garage I wouldn't want to try to read the instructions while looking at a diagram of a wiring harness on a Nook. Nor could I see myself buying the e-version, if one's available, of books with a lot of photos.

Laney said...

Thank you all of you for your great and thoughtful comments!

I understand both sides of the story and maybe if I ever had an e-reader I would understand more of it's pros. Travel would be easier with it, I do admit.

But overall like I said books work for me much better then nooks!

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