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Touch of Power Book Review

Post by Dylan

For the past year and a half I have run my own book review blog, Epic Book Reviews. So, this week I have decided to post one of my very own book reviews here. This one is for one of my personal favorite author's new book, Touch of Power. I have also done and interview with Maria V. Snyder at my blog, so feel free to drop on by.

Touch of Power is Maria V. Snyder’s newest novel, the first in a brand new series. Just knowing that Maria V. Snyder wrote this book means that it is going to be amazing, and I go into these books with a ton of expectations….Fortunately, Touch of Power exceeded those high expectations.

Touch of Power is about Avry of Kazan, a Healer, one of the eleven types of magicians, in The Fifteen Realms. Unfortunately for Avry a plague has run rampant through the land and the common people blame Healers for starting the plague that killed their loved ones. For the last three years, Healers have been hunted and killed. Avry has avoided being killed, until now. She is caught by the people of Jaxton and is due to be executed in the morning. That is until Kerrick, a leader of a band of men with their own agenda, rescues her and take her on a quest to have her heal his plague-stricken friend. Or that was the plan until Avry discovers this friend is a prince who wishes to take control of all of the Fifteen Realms.

This book was amazing, without a doubt. It was fast-paced and had loads of action, while not needing to rely on the romance subplot for strength. The novel’s action was superior to Snyder’s former books and had me turning pages. To have more action then her normal books was astounding, considering they are all very fast-paced. Touch of Power also contained so many plot twists it made my head spin. It was riveting.

On top of having a break-neck pace with a stifling amount of action, the world building in this story was amazing. This is by far Mrs. Snyder’s most original world to date, even better than Ixia/Sitia. While this was, for the most part, a typical medieval setting, the world itself was unique. I have never before seen man-eating flowers, except in Touch of Power.

Another component that blew me away was the characters. Maria V. Snyder has such a gift for characterization and creating compelling characters. Never have I read a book by her that has not had great, witty, 3-dimensional characters. And Touch of Power is no exception here. Avry is charming, witty and compassionate and the antagonist is downright evil, the type that makes you cringe because he thinks he’s doing the right thing. Truly wonderful characters in this series, and I expect great things to come from the Healer series.

There were only two things that bugged me. One, Touch of Power was predictable. I am pretty good at seeing where a story is going and judging what is going to happen. Some may still be completely blindsided by the plot twists. Fortunately, while Touch of Power had a pretty predictable nature to it there were still some surprises. The second thing was that the ending was semi- deus ex machina.  I did understand that it had to happen, but I was not completely thrilled.

Besides that, Touch of Power is a promising novel that every fantasy reader should read. This book has action, betrayal, man-eating plants, tons of magic and romance. Touch of Power has it all and I cannot wait to read the sequel, Scent of Magic. Just from this installment I can see that this series has the potential to be the best ever,  blowing away the Insider duology, Glass series and maybe even…dare I say it, the Study trilogy.

Check out my interview with Maria V. Snyder here.

-Language: There are some choice words, no F-bombs, and it is not used in profuse amounts.
-Violence: there is loads of action so yes there is violence and death and the such. None except for one scene which involves healing is particularly graphic.
-Sexuality: There are some implied scenes that start on-screen and innuendo, but besides that, nothing much past kissing.
-I recommend this for ages 14 and up.

My rating:  9.5/10

**Have you read this book? If not, is there anything, based on my review, that intrigues you about the book?**



Patricia Stoltey said...

I've found that I enjoy sci fi and fantasy written for a YA audience more than that written for adults. This novel sounds intriguing, Dylan. I'll head over to read the interview too.

Dylan Book Reader said...

Thank you so much for reading the review. Touch of Power truly is a wonderful book that works well for adults or a YA audience. But you are right there are a lot of very unique and creative plots and worlds being explored in the YA genre right now.

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