Friday, January 20, 2012

Dream Journals- Handy or not handy?

Post by Laney

One thing I always like to ask authors is how they find their inspiration? And what advice they would give to new and aspiring writers, like me. On numerous occasions I have heard dreams as a major source for inspiration. It always made sense to me, but rarely had I ever experienced a dream where I wanted to jump out of bed and write a novel. Until early this morning (3:30 A.M. to be exact) when I woke up with a clear idea at the front of my head. The main character seemed almost to be poking my head, urging me to write his story. Of course, I was sleepy and didn't feel like writing a sentence let alone a book. So instead I got out of bed and wrote the idea in one of my numerous journals.

Before last night I had never seen the importance of dream journals. But now I see they make complete sense. Dreams are the being of our subconsciousness. They put thoughts together we would never think of on a daily basis. Journals become handy for that very reason. If you wake up and have an idea and your journal is next to you, you'll be more likely to write the idea down and in the long run, remember it. I'm guessing I've had a million great ideas when I sleep but I am too lazy to get my computer and write them down. Then the next morning I'm snapping my fingers in frustration trying to remember just what that idea was. But if I had a dream journal I would be excited to write the clever ideas my dreams provoke. In the long run, waking up at 3:30 in the morning, even though at the time it seemed horrific, helped me learn something that will hopefully better my writing in the future. 

Conclusion: Dreams journals are handy (at least in my opinion).

What do you think?



Lady Gwen said...

I keep a dream journal to record my dreams in if I think they're significant. As for writing ideas, I get those, too, usually during the twilight stage (between being awake and asleep). If I don't get up to write it down, I forget! Or else I can't go back to sleep because I'm afraid I'll forget. The life of a writer, lol!

Dean K Miller said...

I've tried this, but seldom have been able to keep it going. Also, waking the spouse to write in a journal at 3:30AM is not often well received!

If the dreams are strong enough, meaningful or otherwise, I'll jot them done as soon as I can. Sometimes they stay for days in my head.

If I wrote them all down, and they were found by a medical professional, I'd be fitted with a nice tight white jacket with very long sleeves and lots of buckles...that's for sure!

Tyrean Martinson said...

I don't have a particular journal for this, but if I wake up with an idea in mind, I jot a few notes down and go back to sleep. Sometimes those notes are just scribbled nonsense, and sometimes they work for story starters.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I don't have a dream journal but I do keep a notepad and pen in the drawer of my bedside table, just in case. One of my manuscripts is based on an idea I got from a dream...and the only thing I remembered from it was an old-fashioned picture of a girl. My wild imagination took it from there.

Dylan Book Reader said...

I know I keep a journal to write down all of my ideas and a few of those have come from dreams.

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