Monday, January 9, 2012

The Color of Inspiration

Post by Jenny

There I was on Saturday, sitting at my computer, trying to think of a topic for today’s post, and coming up empty. My holidays were good but unusually exhausting, my boys had careened through the last week of their winter break like jet-fueled macaques, and what I really wanted to do was put my feet up and scarf down a few chocolate chip cookies. But I hate to miss a post—and I didn’t have any cookies—so I sat and stared blankly for a while.

Quite a while.

Then a little voice in my head said, “Paint the wall.” I’d like to claim that it was a profound metaphor, an inspirational exhortation to graffiti my figurative wall of blogger’s block. But, no, I was thinking that I should literally paint the wall to the left of my computer desk. Even though I don’t particularly like to paint and don’t have much of a decorator’s eye—there is only one wall in my house that is not white, and although I like it now, I hated it for at least a month—this idea had immediate appeal because it meant that I could stop thinking about blog topics and instead think about paint colors.

After mulling things over for a day or so, I’m still attracted to the idea of adding some color to my basement work space. Maybe it’s a feng shui thing, maybe it’s a new change for a new year, and maybe it’s the fact that it’s such a small wall that even I can paint it without too much whining. So I think I might actually do it, if I can decide on a color. For 2012, decorators recognize that people are tired of doom and gloom, so the trend is toward vivacious colors—turquoise, persimmon, fuchsia, tangerine. Purple, the color associated with creativity, is also in vogue.

Will this small change in environment color my writing? Probably not. But will it color my mood and attitude? I imagine it will, though that does put pressure on me to choose a color that won’t make me want to throw up. So this week, now that school is back in session, I just might meander over to the home improvement store and see if I can find my color of inspiration for 2012.

What colors inspire creativity in your writing space?


Dean K Miller said...

I am just beginning to get a peek at what my creative space might look like. After child #2 moved out last week, and several gyrations of putting what, where, I think I've got a niched carved out in the current spot, but soon with much less clutter.

Color will be an interesting choice, if it changes from the autumn bland beige that is there.

My preference is actually music, as in "hearts of space dot com" online background music. It carries so much color, flavor and texture I am easily swept to my happy writing place, no matter where I am.

(BTW...the downstairs bathroom ceiling is getting old fashioned white. Can't wait to do that!)

Jenny said...

Music is a much easier way to change the mood of a space. Maybe I'll just stick to that :-)

Kerrie said...

I agree with Dean that music can transport you to that "happy writing place," but don't count out a great color for your wall. The walls in my house are full of color. (when we remodeled our house a few years back, we had 8 different autumn colors to use throughout the house).

My home office is a dark, sage green and I love it. Green is my favorite colors because it reminds me of the outdoors-the trees, the grass...

Colors can have a powerful effect on our mood. I say go for it! Add that splash of color on your wall. If you find out you don't like, try a different color. Live it up! It is a new year!

Name: Luana Krause said...

Kerrie: Green is my favorite color, too, for the same reasons. For me, I prefer a beautiful piece of art on the wall in my creative space. As an artist and an art lover, paintings and drawings inspire me in many ways. But for wall color, sage green or sand.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I also lean toward green, but I'm not painting any walls. Instead, I moved all the plants that have survived kitty cat attacks into my office, and I'm going to hang more pictures and photos as the year goes on. That new colorful rearing stallion by the Senior Center is just begging to have its picture taken...

Michelle Mach said...

My office walls are white, but my computer faces these dark red, linen curtains. Red is supposed to be an energizing color and I do get a lot done once I actually sit down to work!

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