Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Review: Why Women Need Fat

Post by Kerrie
Being the perfect weight is an obsession for many Americans, especially women, yet our culture as a whole continues to get larger, not smaller. In their new book, Why Women Need Fat, William D. Lassek, M.D. and Steven J. C. Gaulin, PH.D., examine this phenomenon by researching eating habits of other cultures, looking at our own habits here in the U.S. and by delving into the physiology of our bodies. The authors conclusions, while not shocking, go against many philosophies being touted today.

This book is fascinating and one I think every woman (and man) should read. It is not a typical diet book that says you must eat this on day one, cut out these foods, reduce your caloric intake and all that other advice we have heard; it is more about our eating habits, how those have changed in our culture over the last 40 years and how that has affected our waistlines.

I don’t want to over simplify the message in the book, because I think the authors do a great job in providing solid research to back up their findings and should be read in its entirety, but the biggest takeaway for me was that I should increase the amount of omega-3 fats in my diet, stay away from processed foods and go back to eating the types of foods my grandparents did and preparing them in the same way.

Like I said, the information in this book is not surprising, but for me, it confirms what I have believed for quite some time now; stick to eating whole, natural, unprocessed food whenever possible. I highly recommend the book because if enough of us read it and start changing our eating habits, then maybe our country’s obesity epidemic will become a thing of the past.

Have you read this book?


Dean K Miller said...

Haven't read it, or heard of it until now. Anything about food that is not a specific eat this, not that, then do X of this, is always interesting.

The litmus test will be whether this becomes a "staple" of america's diet, or just another fad.

Name: Luana Krause said...

I agree that FOOD and WEIGHT have changed in modern America. It is often expensive and difficult for the average person to live on a healthy, organic diet. The proliferation of fast food and convience foods makes it very hard for families. But it all boils down to MONEY. Organic farmers struggle against the corporate food giants.

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