Friday, December 9, 2011

New Wave in Writing-Fan Fiction

Post By Laney

Instead of writing letters or emailing the author, my generation has a new way of showing how much they enjoyed a book. This new wave is called Fan-Fiction. Simply put, Fan-Fiction is a new story, using the world or characters from a published book. Some Fan-Fictions pick up the story from the ending and continue writing it. Others may include snippets of a characters life we didn't get to see in the book, or may even introduce new characters into that book's world.

Fan-Fiction has become a major phenomenon in the past few years.There are now various websites where Fan-Fiction may be posted and read by other lovers of this new genre. One of the most popular websites is This website is filled with thousands of Fan-Fictions.

As I looked through the website, I discovered that the more popular the book is the more Fan-Fictions it will have. Books like Twilight and the Hunger Games each have thousands of fan-made stories. But even smaller stories have a collection written by their most loyal fans. Sometimes you may have to dig through the thousands of stories before you find one that is a beautiful piece of writing, but it is usually worth it.

Most stories are not written by authors, or even those who like to write. But I think Fan-Fiction is a great way to show your love and understanding of a book and a way to show authors you cared about the hard work they put into their books.

Fan-Fiction isn't just a way to show your appreciation for a book, but it can also be a great writing exercise. If you already have the characters and world created for you, all you have to do is come up with a fabulous plot. It's a way to get your brain working with story line, instead of focusing on character development and setting.

So if you hit a huge wall of writers block, maybe try picking up your favorite book and taking an hour to write a Fan-Fiction. You could even post it online if your proud of it.

Have you ever written or read any Fan Fiction?


Dean K Miller said...

Finding some spare time (Ha!), I'll have to check this out. Sometimes the end of the story may not be to our liking. A great chance to 'change' that for our own delight.

Thanks for the great (and new to me) idea.

Heidi Windmiller said...

Both written and read. I have a few authors I enjoy reading regularly who post on the website you mentioned--mostly all Firefly fanfic.

Dylan Book Reader said...

I am guilty of both reading and writing fan-fiction previously. While I don't anymore, there are still some really good writers on

Patricia Stoltey said...

I hadn't heard about fan fiction before this post, Laney, so thanks for the introduction. I'm wondering if there are any written for "Glow" yet...must head over to the website and check it out.

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