Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review: Sea Change

Post By Kerrie
Sea Change, written by Jeremy Page, is perfect book for those who enjoy a slower-paced story and wrapping themselves up in beautiful prose. The thoughtful rhythm and cadence carry the reader along, following the main character Guy through a journey of tragedy, grief, denial, acceptance, love and finally surrender.

After tragedy strikes Guys heads out to sea, to live on his barge, the Flood, to search for what is missing in his life. To help himself cope with his lonliness and loss, he starts a diary, not as place to record his current thoughts, but as a place to write a fictionalized account of what his life could have been like. So as Guys real life story unfolds, so does the diary story. The author masterfully weaves the two stories together, slowly building the tension in each.

I typically read more plot driven books; one’s that pull me along with a fast-moving and sometimes intense storyline. Sea Change is more character driven and I have to admit, one I might have put down about a quarter of the way into it if I had not been assigned to review it. But I am glad I hung in there and read the whole thing. If nothing else, to get lost in Jeremy Page’s beautiful writing.

Here are couple examples of what I am talking about:

“Writing calmed him last night, but what can save you at night can destroy your day.”

“He thinks about the journey that’s arrives at this point. Of all the water that’s passed, the waves he’s seen, the tides that have come and gone, and the nightly reinvention of a life he lost and has wanted to recreate. Unpacking the daily miracle of ordinary life, albeit a remembered or an imaginary one. He thinks about the wake of the Flood, erasing all that time. All you leave behind is a path that can’t be followed.”

This is a book I will remember and one I recommend. Be patient with it as you read it. Let the story slowly unwrap itself and you will be glad you did.

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Dean K Miller said...

I think this sounds interesting because: (A) I like to write in lyrical form and thoughtful (I hope, anyway) prose, as well as, setting a picturesque scene for the readers, a (B) Jumping in the middle of action gets you hooked, but sometimes its nice to enjoy the ride along the way to to top, (C) the weaving of an actual life story with the person's real life events going on sounds intriguing.

To Read List just got another title.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Those of us who tend to read fast-paced thrillers or psychological suspense need to take a break and read other genres from time to time. Sea Change sounds like a good choice. said...

Sounds like a good (if not depressing) read! Can't wait to check it out on audio from

Dean K Miller said...

Update...1/3 of way through this. Some interesting sections, a little "floaty" in others...but still am engaged with it.

Kerrie said...

Dean, I totally get what you mean by parts being a little "floaty." I am curious to hear what you think once you finish it.

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