Saturday, July 9, 2011

Northern Colorado Writers Blog Carnival

Northern Colorado Writers is made up of over 200 talented writers, many who also have a blog. I asked them to send me a favorite post to share with all of you. Help me support them by visiting their blogs and leaving comments. Then come back here and share which posts you enjoyed the most.

Chuck Harrelson: Quoting Quotes to Quote Quotes

Michelle Mach: Beads & Books

Cathy Smith: Chuckling Boomer
Focusing on Multi-Tasking

Patricia Stoltey: Thoughts About Writing...
A Sunday in the Life of Me

Dean Miller: And Then I Smiled
Unnamed Memory

Kay Theoderatus: Fiction Lessons From My Reading
Dealing With Writer Envy

Rich Keller: Cranial Burps
Cranial Laughs: The Most Accurate Presidential Candidate Speech of All Time

Cricket McRae: Hearth Cricket
Win a Free Author Website

Heidi Windmiller: And Then She Writes
Do You Lick Your Fingers After Touching a Hedgehog?

April Moore: Folsom 93
I Have the "Folsom Prison Blues" Blues

Kerrie Flanagan: The Writing Bug
Redistribution of Power

Jenny Sundstedt: The Writing Bug
Writing Naked

Which posts did you enjoy reading? Why?



Marlena Cassidy said...

I only had time to read one blog, Jenny Sundstedt's Writing Naked, but I really liked it. I felt like she highlighted some of the pitfalls writers fall in when we get too comfortable in our safe zones.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I enjoyed all of them and found a couple of new blogs to add to my NCW blogroll. This blog carnival is a great idea. Thanks, Kerrie.

Heidi Windmiller said...

This was great! I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and look forward to another blog carnival in the future!

Dean K Miller said...

Definitely a good time here. Thanks for doing the leg work and getting great blogs to read.

Thank you Ma'am. May we have another?

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