Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waiting To Write

Guest Post By Edna Pontillo

Waiting To Write
By Edna Pontillo

All set to write -
Coffee, favorite pen, notebook - go. Oh wait!
The dog needs his meds,
Probably should take him for a quick walk
Or throw the Frisbee for a little bit,
I’ll just feed him before I get back to writing.

Okay, ready to write. Oh, wait!
Darn phone, Check caller i.d.
Have to take this.
While the phone’s in my hand,
Guess I’ll make that dentist appointment.

Now I can get back at it. Oh, wait!
I better put in a load of laundry.
While I wait to hang out the laundry
(I’ve got to do it early before it rains)
I’ll straighten up quickly and
Run the vacuum in the living room.

Sit, Stay, Write – oh, wait!
Is it too quiet in here?
I’ll just turn on the radio.
What!?! Those stupid politicians,
I’ll write a letter telling them what I think
And send a copy to the editor while I’m at it.
Better go with light music, less distracting.
I’ve got to get to my writing.

I need to get to this next chapter – oh, wait!
Isn’t that charity pickup today?
Dang! I meant to put that stuff together yesterday.
And then I should check a blog or two.

Fresh cup of coffee and I’m ready to write – oh, wait!
Book group is tonight,
I have to finish reading the last chapter and
I promised that I would bring the low-fat treat.
Do I have all the ingredients? No, so
I’ll just make up my shopping list,
No sense going to the grocery store and
Not getting everything I need.

Then I have to get busy writing,
Because it just can’t wait.

Edna, a retired educator, has always loved reading, writing, writers, and teaching writing to students. Since her retirement , she has begun work on a children’s novel. She dabbles in poetry and has been following Pat Stoltey’s emails about How’s The Writing Going?



Marlena Cassidy said...

This poem pretty much describes my daily writing routine. It somehow keeps getting pushed back further and further into the day despite all my best intentions.

Thank you for the wonderful poem, Edna!

Dean K Miller said...

Don't forget to breathe!!! Makes my writing life seem rather mundane and makes me wonder why I haven't finished 5 novels by now!

Fun poem.

Kerrie said...

Great poem Edna...and SO true.

Lisa Gail Green said...

LOL! I love it. It's so true. Darn life getting in the way like that!

Chris said...

Wow! You hit the nail on the head. Ain't it the truth!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Thanks for sharing this. Made me laugh and think sadly, I live this many days.

Edna Pontillo said...

Thanks everyone! Marlene, Lisa, Chris, and Stacy, we will just have to pledge that writing will be part of the must do's of our day - besides breathing that is! And Dean, I don't know too many people as prolific as you! Kerrie is.
We all laugh, but it is true - We, I, need to change that and write about THAT!! Lucky I don't have children still at home - that's the must do, have to, and love to everyday all by itself.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I love this, Edna. If you substitute kitten for dog, you could be writing about my days.

Thanks for the mention about the Yahoo! Group discussion. I wonder if the people who haven't responded are the ones who are actually writing instead of bopping around the Internet. :)

Kay Theodoratus said...

Nice summary of a day in the life of a procrastinator. Someday, that novel'll get done.

Edna Pontillo said...

Oh dear, Kay has seen into my heart of procrastinating hearts, so now I'm and going to write, right after I wash my hair!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this. There are so many other things to do than write.

cmp_denver said...

I love it! I think that's how all (or at least most) writers write. It's a wonder anything ever gets published! Slow and steady wins the race, we'll all get there in the end!

Edna Pontillo said...

Thanks everybody for reading/ Might be the wake up we're needing/ So let's don't just relate!/ Let's not even just wait/ Let's write so our souls we be feeding!

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