Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Writing Respite

Post By Kerrie Flanagan
Last week I reveled in a much needed vacation. My immediate family, along with my extended family (18 of total), enjoyed a Caribbean cruise. I kayaked in the ocean in Grand Cayman, I ziplined through the jungle in Roatan, I snorkeled by the Great Barrier Reef and I drove an ATV in Cozumel. Hanging out with my family and having someone else cook for me all week, was also a big plus.

To get the most out of my time off and fully recharge my writing batteries, I had to turn off my writing brain for the week. The first day or two are always a challenge, but then it gets easier. Occasionally an idea would knock on my door. Rather than ignore it, I would acknowledge it and tell it to come back next week. This allowed me the time and space needed to completely relax or immerse myself in our mini-adventures.

I am back now, a little sunburned, probably a few pounds heavier (but so worth it) and adjusting to having to cook for my family again. The ideas I sent away last week are slowly coming back, but because I took time for myself, I am in a better place to receive them and am excited to get back to my writing.

In my opinion, it is imperative that we occasionally take a complete break from our writing and focus on ourselves, our family, gardening, reading, knitting, biking... anything to allow our creative brain some time to recharge. We will be rewarded with clearer ideas, flowing sentences and renewed energy.

What have you done for yourself lately?


Dean K Miller said...

I checked the river yesterday...totally blown out. So I took a couple hours this evening and visited "Leaky Boat Lake" where my youngest daughter and I spent many hours fishing together. The wildly changing cloud formations, light raindrops, chirping birds, croaking frogs, and a few caught fish set my mind at ease, recharged my batteries and made me smile. :-)

Patricia Stoltey said...

I've never taken a cruise, but I've always wanted to do the Alaskan trip or the coastal Norway cruise. Maybe one of these days. Meanwhile, taking time out for a little nap a couple times a week seems like a real treat.

Laila Knight said...

It looks like you had fun. Cruises are wonderful, except you wind up gaining like 20lbs

...^-^... I went to the Caribbean one that visits Bahamas and Virgin Islands. It was spectacular. Can't wait to go on another one.

Kerrie said...

Dean-sounds like a wonderful day.

Pat-I have done an Alaskan cruise as well, and it was my favorite one.

Laila-I agree--so much food!

T.A. Northburg said...

Myself? Not Much! Kerrie, it looks like you had a ton of well deserved fun!

Edith Cook said...

Good post, Kerry, but you might lose some redundant "I"s.

Lisa Vella said...

Sounds like an incredible vacation, Kerrie! I'm glad you had a chance to get away and I hope it revived your personal and writing life in exactly the way we all need sometimes. Extra bonus not to have a cook for a week! Awesome!

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