Thursday, June 30, 2011

Midnight in Paris and Other Writer Movies

Post by Kerrie
I love going to movies where the main character is a writer. On Tuesday night I went to see Midnight in Paris. The movie, written and directed by Woody Allen, is set in Paris and stars Owen Wilson as a successful Hollywood screenwriter Gil who yearns to finish his novel and get it published (a plight many of us can relate to). The problem is, his fiance Inez (played by Rachel McAdams) is abhorrently against this and wants Gil to stick to his screenwriting because that is what brings in the money.

Gil dreams of being back in Paris in the 1920's--when life was simpler and some of the best authors and artists were alive. As the clock strikes 12 each night, his dreams come true and he is transported back in time and finds himself in the company of some his art and literary heroes.

I enjoyed the film and could really relate to Owen Wilson's character. I felt his pain every time his fiance and her parents made a negative comment about his writing (and there were many). I wanted to throw something at the screen any time they appeared (but I am not a very good aim and probably would've hit the people in front of me on the head...).

The movie was billed as a romantic comedy, but I saw it more as just a light comedy that focused on Gil, his passion for writing and his quest to be true to himself. I would recommend the film to anyone who enjoys art, classic literature and films set in Paris.

Here are some of my other favorite "writer" movies:

What are your favorite writer movies?



Cricket McRae said...

I agree -- Midnight in Paris was a very fun movie. Stranger Than Fiction is also one of my favorite writer movies, along with Deathtrap (which I've seen about 18 times), Capote, and Adaptation.

Marlena Cassidy said...

I haven't seen Midnight in Paris yet, but now I really do want to. It's a movie I know I can relate to, having faced similar situations, and I need a good romantic comedy that's both real and poignant after watching Super 8. (Which was also a good movie for other reasons.)

Dean K Miller said...

Wish I could've joined the group. I'd thrown stuff at the screen for you! But now I've got something to put on my "watch list."

I've enjoyed "Freedom Writers", but off the top of my head can't think of any others I've seen not already listed.

Kerrie said...

Cricket, I will have to see Deathtrap. Dean, lol. You can be my official "throw things at the screen" go to person now.

Petula said...

Oh, I love movies/films where the main character is a writer. There is a movie that I absolute loved and its name escapes me. I also love the lighter flicks where the character is a magazine editor or newspaper journalist.

I really enjoyed this post and will definitely add the ones I haven't seen to my "to be watched" list. :-)

Have a great weekend.

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