Wednesday, May 11, 2011

X is for X-ray

Today's post is from NCW member Lisa Péré; writer and editor extraordinaire (plus she can also speak French-which I think is pretty cool). 

Okay. Ready?

Think about your Most Embarrassing Moment.

If you’re at all well-adjusted, this might be difficult. Sure, you know right off which experience counts as the most epic of your squirm-worthy screw-ups, but at the instant of recognition, your brain probably does one of those acrobatic avoidance maneuvers that our brains do so well:

          My most embarrassing moment?
          Oh, god, it’s got to be that time with the toilet and that hot fireman and the—
          Hey. Is that Oprah on that magazine? Eating pastrami? Do people actually eat pastrami? I mean,              
          in real life? I think Seinfeld had an episode about pastrami. I miss Seinfeld.
          Wait. What was the question?

All the crappy parts of life—the embarrassing, ugly, nasty parts, the death and the wounds and the pettiness—they’re unavoidable. But dredging them up and holding them in your hands and turning them over and over, examining them, probing them...dude. That’s just not natural.


Unless you’re crazy enough to want to be a writer. Because writing, it’s like being an x-ray technician of the soul or something. Especially if you’re writing for teens, I think. It goes against every instinct to muck around in all the icky parts of my teenage years, yet here I sit, doing just that. Because that’s where the good stories are.

Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Are you willing to expose yourself to all that scrutiny?


Also: Does anybody else have a sudden craving for pastrami?

Lisa Péré is a writer and editor and the owner of Full Stop Editorial . You can find her sporadically blogging at



Dean K Miller said...

Weird at it may seem, the exposure of the soul is what prompted me to start writing many years ago. It can be a secretive place where no one else is allowed. Surviving in that cocooned world can get scary though.

So what's next? For me, I came out of the writing closet, very slowly at first. It's a scary world indeed, but it's pretty easy to find friends and supporters in this realm.

Love the use of the word "icky", you just don't see that much anymore. And that one of those French words she knows?

Laila Knight said...

Funny. I've examined several embarassing moments and included them in my writing. The day I get published I'm hoping the world won't put two and two together, or I'll have to deny everything.

Kathleen said...

I'm laughing now. It almost sounds like you read my blog last night, when I dredged up one of those "who could believe I would ever" moments.

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