Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Oprah Knows for Sure

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I wanted to share this clip from Oprah's final show. She talks about living the life we were meant to live. Take a few minutes to watch it and hopefully it will inspire you to continue pursuing your writing dream.

What Oprah Knows For Sure




Jerry Eckert said...

Who would ever have though that I, crusty old me, could be an Oprah fan. But she hit several nails on the head with these, her parting thoughts. And nicely tailored for those of us without the celebrity or fame as well, Thanks, Kerrie.

Dean K Miller said...

Amazingly it is that simple. We have allowed society to over-inflate the importance of fame, money, noteriety. But just doing what it is that "lights you up" radiates to everyone around you.

It is time to smile, to make ourselves become the beacon for another soul, in whatever way is needed.

Thanks for the link. I would've missed it otherwise.

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